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Nursery Weekly News 27th September 2021

1st October 21

On Monday morning we began our week working hard on our Busy Fingers. Some of us made amazing models with Magformers, whilst others made pictures on magnetic boards with shapes. We talked to our teachers about our models and pictures and they scribed our words on paper. We also enjoyed playing an Incy Wincy Spider game with Mrs Holdstock, taking turns nicely and counting the spaces on the boards and matching number to space.

In French today we learnt to say ‘Salut Maman’ and ‘Salut Papa’ and also ‘Monsieur Sayers’ and ‘Madame Radgman’. We then learnt a new song using these words. We love our French lessons with Madame Knight. Whilst the Nursery children had French the Pre-Nursery children enjoyed songs, rhymes and stories in the Library with Mrs Radgman. We concentrated on number songs and enjoyed being little men in a flying saucer and cheeky monkeys jumping on the bed!

We are working hard on our gross motor skills during ChIL and also making lovely friendships as we play.

We welcomed back our friends to Nursery on Wednesday morning and everyone was so excited to be back in learning and playing together. We played with Tap-a-Shape making pictures and told our teachers all about our work whilst they scribed for us. Lots of us enjoyed drawing and many of us are having a try at writing our own names. Some children made enormous towers, working together to build and balance, and even when they tumbled down we showed great perseverance putting them back up. We also explored a sea life scene with a mermaid, as we are thinking about Leah’s favourite book ‘The Singing Mermaid’

In our adult-led activity we were concentrating on listening. We all went to the playground with Lily Rabbit and listened to her tell us about a game we were going to play. We had to pretend we were cars driving around. When we heard Mrs Radgman bang a drum we had to stop, when she shook maracas we drove fast and when she banged the claves we had to go. There was some fantastic listening. We then changed the game and this time Mrs Radgman showed us a red spot for stop, an amber one for get ready and a green one for go. Again we were fabulous at this game. We all were awarded with a Listening Lily sticker for good work.

We had a super Library time today cuddling our toys and listening to the story ‘Roar’. We then sang ‘Old Macdonald had a  Farm’ but we had some very peculiar animals, including a wolf, a frog, and a lion. We awarded Peter Rabbit and Spot for great work to two of our friends.

We started Thursday morning with an active Busy Fingers. The children enjoyed counting bears, Playdough, stencils, drawing and building with the bricks.

After Busy Fingers we read the story of Paddington Bear which is Alexander’s favourite story. To continue the theme of bears we enjoyed an adult-led bear activity. The children sat in a circle and we sang a song while passing a bag of numbers around the ring. When the singing stopped if you were holding the bag then it was your turn to take out a number. We were very good at recognising the numbers and then counting out the correct number of bears into a bowl. The teachers were impressed by our amazing counting and number recognition.

At the end of the morning we were excited to see Pirate Lipman entering the classroom brandishing her pirate sword. We sang lots of songs about pirates and the sea and enjoyed learning the actions. One of the children even wore Mrs Lipman’s hat and pretended to be a pirate. That was such a fun music lesson Mrs Lipman.

On Friday during Busy Fingers we decided to start up the Nursery Marching Band. We all took different instruments and explored their sounds. We sang ‘We are the Nursery Band’ and took turns to play

different instruments including claves, tambourines, triangles, shakers and football rattles. We then played quietly, quickly, loudly, slowly, up high, down low and whilst marching. Every boy and girl joined in the fun!

Then it Was Welly Walk time. Lily rabbit told us that we were going to work on our listening skills again. We popped on our listening ears again and off we went. We heard birds tweeting, a plane in the sky, a builder hammering and drilling, water gushing into a container, jumping in puddles, cars, a ball bouncing in Mrs Hallidays PE shed and her very squeaky stool. We also listened outside Mr Nick’s shed and heard him sawing and hammering. Wow, what good listeners we are!

Have lovely weekends and if at all possible could you please collect some conkers for us for sorting and counting activities next week?

The Nursery Team x



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