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Form I Weekly News 27th September

1st October 21

We had a a very wet and windy start to the day! Once we were in the classroom. safe and dry, we found out that we were learning about Poetry in English. We worked out that poems describe something by using short sentences, super descriptive words and do not have to rhyme! Mrs Bishop described the weather as ‘rain lashing against the windows’ and ‘wind howling across the playground’! We enjoyed listening to ‘Good to be Me’ by Emma Dodd. The book is written as a poem and thanks our senses and body parts for the things they do for us. We then used our super shared reading skills and read it again together. We decided to write our own poems in the week, so made a poetry planner thinking of our body parts and what they do for us, for example Thank you eyes for letting me see flowers and my friends.

In Mathematics, we recalled our number bonds to 10 using a ten grid on the smartboard and bead strings to 10. Have a go at home here;

We worked hard in PE with Mrs Halliday, followed by PSHCE where we discussed Mental Health, what it is, how we all have it and how we can help keep our own mental health the best it can be. We thought about how feeling happy is a great feeling and how we can’t feel happy all of the time. We thought about things that make us feel happy and these included cuddling our pets, seeing friends, going to the park, eating yummy foods and much more.

In Science, we learnt a little more about our bodies and in particular our skeletons. We learnt that our skeleton holds us up and provides an important hard shell to keep our organs safe and sound. We found out that we have 206 bones in our skeleton, including 26 bones in our feet. We enjoyed watching a real skeleton move around on and then used magnifying glasses to have a closer look at a real leg bone! We looked at lots of different x-rays (mainly from Mrs Weir’s family!) and made up our own skeletons trying to remember the technical names, including pelvis, tibia and fibula!


French was fun with Madame Knight. We used a lot of common phrases to describe how we were feeling, greetings, followed instructions with numbers in and ended with the counting game we love!

On Tuesday, we used our Busy Books to think  of words which end with the alternative ‘y’ sound, such as Mummy, Daddy, bunny, teddy and sunny.

In Mathematics, we recalled our number bonds to 10 and used cardboard fingers to work out all of the ways to make 10 and wrote them independently.

We enjoyed stretching out our bodies afterwards with Jamie and Calypso the Flamingo on Cosmic Kids.

In English, we used our poetry planners to help us write our poems about ourselves. Here is Stella’s poem – ‘Thank you eyes so I can see the animals. Thank you nose, you let me smell roses. Thank you tongue, you let me taste Eaton Mess’.

In Art, we looked at different leaves in the Autumn time. We used paint charts and the primary colours to make both different colours and different shades of red, green and yellow by adding white and black. We drew our own leaves, persevering with the different leaf shapes and used our mixed colours to paint them.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed playing different board games with our friends.

During ERIC Time, we loved sharing our Holiday Diaries which have come off the wall display.

In Mathematics, we used Numicon to make simple addition sums. We then worked out the answer, either by putting a number in our heads and counting on, counting up the total or using the number line. We then tried to work out our own addition sums, writing them in out our Maths books.

In Phonics, we learnt how ‘ck’ together make one ‘c’ sound, often at the ends of words. We loved playing Kim’s Game with lots of objects with ‘ck’ in them, for example lock, brick, black, duck and stick and Mrs Bishop magically taking one away each time.


We had a busy afternoon with lots of super warm up games in PE, followed by ball rolling, throwing and catching, French with Madame Knight where we are using lots of brilliant conversational French and Music with Mrs Lipman practising our Harvest songs.

On Thursday morning we started with a mental maths addition warm up and moved on to learning about Data.  We collected some class data about our Pets and displayed it using a basic tally chart.  We then used the data to create a pictogram using Purple Mash on the Smartboard.  The girls then created their own pictogram in groups at their tables using a selection of coloured bears and a chart.

In English we continued with learning about writing sentences and the importance of full stops, capital letters and finger spaces.  The girls were also challenged to ensure that each time they started a new line they started right at the edge of the page.  They were all fantastic today! We were so proud of their work that we had to award them all a House Point!

In the afternoon we talked about Family Trees and the word ‘generation’.  The girls were able to talk about various members of their family and how they were related to them.  We also continued our general discussion about R.E. and Christianity.

In Maths on Friday morning the girls showed how well they had listened to the previous lesson on Pictograms.  They were able to collate some data as a class, open up the Purple Mash app, log in, create the pictogram from the data collection and save their own work! Amazing! Mrs Weir was very, very proud!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we are looking forward to seeing receiving the photos of your houses to share next week.


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