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Reception News 24th September

24th September 21

Well we have certainly had another busy week in Reception. We started the week by attending Assembly with Mr Sayers. We enjoyed listening to his piano playing and he was most impressed with how we can all sit so still and listen. We then had a practice for some of the songs that we will be singing in our Harvest festival soon.


In Literacy this week, we have been enjoying our daily phonics sessions and are whizzing through all the sounds. We played eye spy to spot different objects beginning with some of the different letters that we have been learning about. We also are working very hard to learn how to correctly form all the letters we are learning about. We have been playing games and jumping around trying to think which letters are tall letters and which letters are short letters. Mrs J has been impressed by how quickly our letter formation is improving. Sometimes she tries to trick us and take our pencils away but if we are holding them properly then she never manages to take them away!


We have each been reading individually every day and are coming along in leaps and bounds. The enthusiasm and giggles when we manage to recognise our sounds, blend a new word or predict what may happen next in our stories is lovely to see. Mrs J finally remembered to bring in the book ‘Poo in the Zoo’ by Steve Smallman and we had so much fun spotting the rhymes and rhythms of the book as well as spotting all the funny poo!


In Maths, we have been practising our number formation, ordering, counting and problem solving. One of the problems we have been helping to solve was to explain to our teachers how to work out how many toys were in Mrs J’s suitcase as neither Mrs J nor Mrs Hughes were sure! After a couple of false starts, the girls were able to explain what the words ‘How many’ actually meant. Shona and Matilda explained that you had to count all of the toys; Lizzie and Reva explained that you had to say one number for each toy; Chloe and Charlotte said that you had to say the numbers in the correct order and Bea and Bethany said that the last number that we count up to shows how many toys there were. With all this information and help, Mrs J tried to count all the toys but still got in a muddle as they were in a big pile. Luckily, Lucy and Claudia showed Mrs J that if she organised the toys into a line then it was much easier to count them and Lara showed Mrs J how to count carefully saying one number for each toy. Phew!

Mrs Collister worked with the girls to produce some beautiful repeating patterns, which they used to decorate their names with. Then on Wednesday we had our first Show and Tell. Mrs Collister said that the girls all spoke confidently and clearly to their friends. Well done everyone!


In French with Madame Knight and Mrs Hughes the girls have been learning about how to greet each other in French. They made and coloured in some little finger puppets and have been practising saying ‘Bonjour’ to the other puppets!


We are working hard to learn how to change our clothes for PE. We are learning how to organise our belongings so that we don’t get in a muddle with our friends who are changing nearby! We are getting a little quicker every time we do this which makes our teachers smile. During our actual lessons this week we have been balancing during gymnastics, practising our ball skills on the court and running on the field. We are looking forward to joining in with the rest of the school for the mile challenge in a few weeks time!

During CHIL we have enjoyed playing and exploring both inside and outside the classroom. We are learning to share and take turns and are enjoying the warm September weather.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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