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Nursery Weekly News 20th September 2021

24th September 21

Our third week in Nursery began with lots of work on colours and shapes. We played a great dinosaur board game with Mrs Holdstock, matching colours and shapes to a dice and then placing the correct counter onto either a colour or shape on the dinosaur cards. It was great fun and we listened well to instructions and took turns well. We also had great fun trying to pick pasta up with tweezers and filling pots and enjoyed construction with tubes and hexagon shapes.

After Busy Fingers we were so excited to have our first French lesson with Madame Knight. We learnt a welcome song in French and sang a song so Madame Knight could remember all our names. We also met some of Madame Knights puppets who are going to help us learn French this year. We thoroughly enjoyed our first French lesson.

In our outside ChIL today lots of us played hide and seek with Mrs Radgman. We took turns to hide and then seek and found some great places to hide, behind the coat rack, in the playhouse, up on the bank. Our friends took ages to find us sometimes. Lots of us played an ‘Active Arms’ game with Mrs Houten to make our arms strong. We threw beanbags and balls into a large cardboard box monster that Mrs Houten had made for us. We tried to throw from different distances and counted the beanbags as we threw them into the monsters mouth. Great fun!

Tuesday was an exciting morning in Nursery. This morning we have our first ever PE lesson with Mrs Halliday. We learnt about how exercise affects our bodies and some of the children showed us where our heart is positioned in our bodies. We ran around some circles that Mrs Halliday had placed on the floor, being careful not to bump into each other. When she shouted ‘Stop!’ we had to go and stand on a circle and practice some jumping and hopping and running on the spot.

The Pre Nursery children enjoyed a lovely ChIL session in the classroom with Mrs Phillips.

After snack we all sang Happy Birthday to one of our friends and gave her 4 big claps. We had a fun time singing lots of songs together and used our voices to explore different sounds singing loudly, softly, quickly and slowly. We then enjoyed a ChIL time, many of us working together to complete puzzles, drill screws into a board, whilst many of us used shape stencils to make beautiful stencils.

Today was a lovely sunny day and we were excited for our adult-led activity which was all about listening. We talked about why we need to listen and what part of our body we use to listen. We then put on an extra pair of ears and set off out of the classroom with our teachers. We listened very very carefully and heard lots of different sounds. We finally arrived at Mr Sayers’ office and listened to the noise that the school bell makes. It was so loud that some of us covered our ears.

During our Library Time we enjoyed a lovely cuddle with our toys while we listened to Mrs Houten read ‘Maisy goes to Nursery’. Our toys were very good listeners and so were we. When the story ended we were able to remember lots of the things that happened at Maisy’s Nursery. Maisy does lots of the same thing at her nursery as we do at St Hilda’s.

Thursday morning arrived and we were all excited to be wearing our jeans in support of Jeans for Genes day. The children all looked lovely in their home clothes. We all enjoyed a very busy Busy Fingers this morning. We were making shape pictures, threading Cheerios onto spaghetti, painting with marbles, using our imagination with the Duplo and making Orio cookies. Our fingers are getting so strong.

Our Adult-Led activity this morning was to learn the names of all our friends in Nursery. All of the children have their names on a card. They were very clever and rolled a ball of Playdough to make the initial letter of their names. After all of that hard work we decided to go outside for a ChIL.

Well done children for remembering that Mrs Lipman comes to Nursery on a Thursday to give us a Music lesson. We were all looking forward to seeing her. We enjoyed moving our bodies to Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma. We enjoyed shaking our sillies out and wiggling our waggles away. Mrs Lipman had a basket full of amazing hats and we took turns imagining which character we would like to be before we ended with another song.

We were so excited for our Welly Walk today! After a great Busy Fingers and registration we got ready for our walk. We independently went to the toilet, washed our hands, took off our shoes and then collected our wellies from the welly rack. Once ready we sat and listened to Peter Rabbit who told us that he had left us clues around the school from his favourite book  and he wanted us to guess what it was. We search high and low on the flower bank, in the car park, on the tennis court and on the field and we found an elephant, a camel, a frog, a giraffe, a snake, a lion …….what could the story be? We acted out each animal and eventually we remembered it was ‘Dear Zoo’. We sat in the sunshine on the field and read the story and then thought about what pet we would like, or talked about the pet we had. Nursery you were fantastic on your first Welly Walk!

Have great weekends in the autumn sunshine and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

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