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Form I Weekly News 20th September

24th September 21

We have enjoyed another busy week in Form I. On Monday, in English we shared the story of  ‘Eddie’s Garden’, by Sarah Garland, looking at the front cover, title page, blurb and front cover illustration. We then enjoyed listening to the story. We wrote garden labels in Shared Writing using our segmenting skills, making labels for Violas, Primroses and We are the Garden Girls.

In Mathematics, we hunted for tens and ones in the Outdoor Classroom and then matched them to the correct numeral back in the classroom.

We then made our own amounts using the Diennes apparatus. Can you remember how you would make 16, 13 and 20?

In PHSCE, we recalled things we can do to keep healthy and one was to get a good night’s sleep. We talked about the reasons why we need sleep and how a good bedtime routine will really help us. Dr Ranj helped to explain a little more about sleep.

In Science, we loved finding out more about our bodies using the non-fiction book ‘Find out about the body’. We labelled our own bodies using our rulers and labels.

We finished with French with Madame Knight, practising greeting each other, counting and simple French conversation.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed writing and drawing rhyming words in our Activity Books.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed working out which amount the tens and ones were representing on Shark Numbers. Have a go at home here;

We had to use our problem solving skills, filling in missing numbers and then making the numerals with tens and ones.

We stretched out our bodies and calmed our busy minds with Yoga and Betsy Banana afterwards.

In English, we watched Mrs Matthews planting a Primrose and helped Mrs Bishop to write instructions of how to do it. We then wrote our own instructions. Look out for some of them in our Form I garden.

Children writing instructions for how to maintain a plot of plants

In Art, we looked closely at our eyes, naming the main features. We then learnt a little more about how the eye works. You can have a look here to find out a little more;

We then drew our own eye and mixed the colours we needed. They looked amazing!

A school girl is painting to the colour of her own eye

On Wednesday, we enjoyed playing games with our friends on Board Game Wednesday.

In Maths, we loved singing the addition number rhyme ’10 Grey Elephants’ around the room. We then played the Hedgehog game against the teachers, writing our own number sentences after each go. We got the most spikes and won the game. Hooray!

In Phonics, we learnt about the five vowels in the alphabet; a, e, i, o, u. We enjoyed this song; before going outside to play Piggy in the Middle. We had to work out which vowel piggy was covering up and run to the grapheme (letter) which represented it. We then worked hard in our Jolly Phonics book back in the classroom.

We had a busy afternoon with PE, French and Music.

On Thursday we started the morning with a wordsearch of tricky words.  Lots of the girls did not know how to complete a wordsearch, so if possible, have a go at some at home.  After registration we enjoyed a maths lesson where we learnt about estimation and measurement.  Some of the estimates of everyday objects were quite wild to begin with but became much more sensible throughout the lesson.  The girls were able to measure their own objects using cubes and compare their estimates.  We will be moving on to measuring with rulers next.

In English we focussed on shared writing as a class and then on independent comprehension, letter formation and ‘tricky words’.  These are words that we will need to be able to recognise and read by the end of our time in Form 1.

In the afternoon we had our R.E lesson, learning about what R.E is and what we are going to learn about in our lessons.  We began with a lesson about Christianity and the special artefacts and celebrations for Christians.  Two girls showed their amazing speaking skills telling us about ‘One thing you don’t know about me’ during our Show and tell session.  We then enjoyed some ‘team play’ building the marble run from the instructions and our imaginations, making the marbles run down through the construction!

On Friday morning we learned how to use a ruler to measure pictures on paper, being careful to line up the ‘0’ line with the beginning of the object and using our finger to track along the ruler to find the measurement.  We also spent some time reinforcing our letter formation as it tends to be very good when we are practising but not as good when we are writing sentences!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to another busy week next week!




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