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Nursery Weekly News 13th September 2021

17th September 21

Welcome back Nursery. We hope you are looking forward to another exciting week in Nursery

We began our day with an industrious Busy Fingers. We made collages with leaves, we built towers and castles with wooden bricks and added stories using little people. We made planes with magnetic construction and tried really hard to complete jigsaws.

In our adult-led activity we read Theya’s favourite story ‘The Gruffalo’. Everybody had a role and acted out the story using their voices to pretend to be the characters in the story.

We then had a fire drill and we were so brave. When the bell rang we stood still and then carefully walked to the field to be counted. Our teachers and Mr Sayers was so proud of us. Good job Nursery!

We also awarded our first Peter Rabbit today. Annabel received Peter rabbit working hard on a new skill. Well done.

Tuesday had arrived and today we were thinking about our physical skills. In our adult-led activity we listened to Sticky Kids on a CD and worked hard to follow the instructions we were given. We warmed our bodies up by stretching and we felt our hearts, which were beating slowly to start with. We then joined in with a number of different action songs and realised that our hearts were now beating faster.  We ended our session with a warm down and a rest.

We enjoyed play outside in the rain working on Busy Finger activities, trying to unscrew jars, fill then with jewels and then screw them back together. Other children remembered the fire drill from yesterday and pretended to be fire fighters and policeman.

In Busy Fingers we explored the changing texture of cornflour as we added water, mixed it and dribbled it. It was great fun!

We had another great music session exploring different instruments and sounds and completed our session by listening to Annabel’s Peter Rabbit news and awarding Peter Rabbit to Lily for amazing tidying up.

We arrived on Wednesday with all our special toys to take to the Library for toy day. Our toys waited patiently in our book bags whilst we worked on our Busy Finger skills. We had a new Parent Helper to support us during our play and learning in Busy Fingers and we welcomed Mrs Woodward.

In our adult-led activity we played a listening game as part of Phase 1 Jolly Phonics. Listening Lily hid in the classroom while we had our eyes shut and then we had to find her. To help us our teachers shook a shaker softly or loudly. If it was quiet we were a long way away and if it was very loud we were near Lily and found her. We loved the game.


Then it was Library time and we climbed the long stair case, holding on carefully. We then cuddled our toys while Mrs Radgman read us a story and sang us some songs. We loved Library day!

On Thursday we had a great Nursery Rhyme session for our adult-led activity. We sang Knick, Knack Paddy Wack, 1,2,3,4,5, I’m a little teapot, Wind the bobbin Up, Humpty Dumpty, Grand Old Duke, Hey Diddle Diddle, Sing a Song of Sixpence and a few more. We were great at joining in with actions and words. Great language development.

After a ChIL in the autumn sunshine, and a yummy snack Mrs Lipman joined us for our Music Lesson. Again, we joined in beautifully, using instruments and body percussion.

Friday had arrived and we were going to work on our gross motor skills with some parachute play. We all walked down to the field nicely and then joined in playing Row, row, your boat, 5 Little toys jumping on the bed, Popcorn and Wind the bobbin up. We had great fun and our arms are getting stronger all the time.

We also had another Music Lesson with Mrs Lipman. We learnt a ‘Hello’ song and a ‘Goodbye’ song and really enjoyed all the new songs and rhymes.

We have had a fantastic and busy week in Nursery. We hope that you enjoy your weekends and are ready for more fun on Monday.

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