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Form I Weekly News 13th September

17th September 21

We have had another busy week in Form I. On Monday in English we went on a hunt, looking for pages from the book Wash, Scrub, Brush. We tried to use picture cues to work out what was happening in each illustration. We managed to work out what we need to do to be the healthiest version of ourselves!

We then came back into the classroom and read the book, sharing lots of information we knew about ways animals keep clean and healthy. Can you remember any of the facts to tell your grown ups?

In Mathematics, we enjoyed playing Quick Write using the correct number formation to write numerals 0-10. We then played a matching lotto game with the numeral and number words. We discovered lots of the number words are also tricky words. Nothing is ever as simple as it looks! We played against the teachers and won again. We definitely have better memories than Mrs Bishop and Mrs Matthews!

In Gymnastics, we enjoyed working with Mrs Halliday to practise our gymnastics skills.

In Science, we recalled the five ways in which we explore the world; our five senses. We put on our Science lab coats and took part in five different experiments including a feely bag challenge, taste test, smell test, sight test and hearing test. We worked so hard all afternoon.

On Tuesday after a wet start, we enjoyed working in our Busy Books. We practised skills we found hard in the week and had time to draw using our pencil cases. Very exciting!

In Mathematics, we hunted for number words and matched them to the correct numeral. We then worked in our new Maths books, taking handfuls of cubes, counting them and writing the correct numeral and number word.

Afterwards we stretched out our bodies out with Jamie in Cosmic Kids Yoga along with the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

In English, we recapped the story Wash, Brush, Scrub and wrote our own versions of the story.


In Art, we took time to look at our faces in the mirror. We draw our main features and then mixed paint to make super face portraits, matching the correct colours for our skin, eyes and lips. We felt like real artists, standing as we painted and mixing our own colours.

Wednesday was Board Game Wednesday! We loved playing games with our friends.

In Mathematics, we learnt what a number is. We made numbers 1-10 using little cubes called ones. We then tried to make numbers from 11-19, swapping the ones for a stick of ten and adding on more ones. For example 13 is a ten and three ones. Have a go at home with numbers from 10-19 using this online game

In Computing, we loved working with Miss Smith using Purple Mash.

In English, we learnt an alternative way of spelling ‘ee’ – ‘y’! We discovered it comes at the end of words, such as baby, teddy, sunny and lots more words. We enjoyed playing the Full Circle spelling game and working in our Jolly Phonics workbooks.

On Thursday morning we had a look at Poetry in our English lesson.  We talked about how some poems rhyme and others don’t.  We were very good at hearing and guessing rhyming words in the poems that Mrs Weir read! Then we had a try at writing our first poem in Form 1, all about what makes us special.  The girls worked really hard to create their poems and to write them as independently as possible using their phonic knowledge and handwriting skills.

In Maths we learned about positional language.  We described the positions of objects around the classroom and on the Smartboard.  WE also learned about left and right and a simple trick to help us keep remembering which was which!

In Humanities in the afternoon the girls talked about themselves and compared the differences of when they were babies to now.  We all felt very proud of how far we had come!

On Friday morning we were very excited to find the ipads waiting for us as we got to the classroom.  We used the Jolly Phonics app this week to practise letter formation and to place initial, final and medial sounds.  We then had our spelling test and handwriting session followed by a mental maths session – how grown up!

In the afternoon we had Music and Drama with Mrs Lipman and Miss O’Hare and a lovely focussed play session after a very busy week!

Have a wonderful and restful weekend! We are looking forward to an action packed week again next week!

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