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Form I Weekly News 6th September

11th September 21

Welcome to our first Form I Weekly News!

The girls were so excited to be back at school on Monday, welcoming two new friends.

In English, we loved sharing our Holiday News and writing sentences about the most exciting things we have done. We are trying to write independently which is quite tricky at first!

We enjoyed joining the whole school outside for our first Form I Whole School Assembly.

In PSHCE, we worked with talking partners to think of class rules to keep us safe and happy.

In Science, we looked at photographs of our faces and talked about what each part of our face is used for. We made our first attempt at using a ruler to label our facial features independently.


We loved seeing Madame Knight again for French and PE with Mrs Halliday in the sunshine.

On Tuesday, in Maths we loved playing Paint the Number. We took it in turns to splat a number up to 20. We then ordered a huge traffic jam of cars from 1-20 concentrating on the teens numbers. We then ordered our own number line reminding ourselves of every numeral from 0-20. We persevered, checked our own work and even managed some problem solving, working independently, just as we like it in Form I!

We enjoyed stretching with Pedro the Penguin afterwards with Jamie from Cosmic Kids. We can’t believe Georgia actually met Jamie over the summer holidays at a Festival!

In English, we enjoyed listening to The Lion Inside story. Mrs Bishop said it reminded her of us; some of us are a little worried and feeling timid, but all have the confidence of lions inside. We loved acting out the story in two small groups.


In Art, we loved finding out about Primary colours and Secondary colours. We used the primary colours to make new colours, including orange, purple and green. So exciting! We enjoyed this song afterwards. Have a listen at home.



We had a little time for Focused Play today; enjoying number puzzles, planting daffodil bulbs for the spring, sharing our Holiday Diaries with friends, writing stories using our pencil cases in our garden and working in the Home Corner.

Wednesday was Board Game Wednesday. We loved playing a variety of games independently, including our own home-made games with friends when we first got into school.

In Maths, we discovered another class had made a huge mess of the unifix cubes. We each had a pile and had to count our own group and then work out the total altogether. We remembered to count in two’s to help us to count quickly. We discovered there were 122!

In Phonics, we learnt a little more about rhyming words. We realised that rhyming words sound the same, but do not necessarily have the same spelling. We looked back it The Lion Inside story to listen out for some rhyming pairs. We were then challenged by Mrs Bishop to play rhyming Lotto. We won the game against her, finding 9 pairs compared to her 7 pairs. Great game everyone!

We had a busy afternoon with PE, Music and French.

On Thursday, our first activity was to make our face using our cutting skills.

In Literacy, we reminded Mrs Bishop and Mrs Matthews of The Lion Inside story and ordered the pictures in our own book. We wrote our own simple sentences to match the pictures.

On Thursday afternoon Mrs Weir was very excited to finally meet us all! We enjoyed a speaking and listening session, practising our listening skills and speaking with a clear, loud voice so our friends could hear us. We chatted about our families and who lives at home with us.  We then went on to talk about our wishes and dreams and created our own personal ‘crest’. There were some very interesting aspirations!

We then enjoyed some time exploring the classroom, finding out what puzzles, toys, book and games we have to play with.

On Friday, we took time to think back over the week and wrote about the activities we have enjoyed the most in our Activity Books. It turns out we have loved History, Science, Art, PE, playing with our friends, Focus Play and much more!

In Literacy, we loved finishing our The Lion Inside stories, designing beautiful front covers and writing our own blurbs. We can’t wait to see them displayed in the classroom.

We ended the morning with a fun trip to the Library. We enjoyed picking and sharing books with friends before having a story about a little fox cub.

In the afternoon we were treated to a lovely Music lesson with Mrs Lipman and our first Drama lesson with Miss O’Hare.

What an amazing first week as Form 1 girls! We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we are looking forward to another fantastic week next week!





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