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Nursery News 6th September 2021

10th September 21

Hooray! Our first Nursery day had arrived and we were excited and a little bit nervous. After a few tears we all settled down well to Busy Fingers, where we explored construction, playdough, painting, sand and small world play. We had our first registration and learnt songs for the weather and days of the week. We then played a game to learn each others names, which was great fun.

We spent the rest of the morning outside in the autumn sunshine learning to share and play with our new friends. We helped to tidy up, had a song time and a great story before home time. Well done Nursery you were amazing!

On Tuesday morning we all settled quickly and were soon happy playing in our Busy Fingers session. We enjoyed playdough, sand, using pegs to clip onto dinosaurs pictures and painting using different tools. We then had our daily registration and some of us had jobs to help in class.

After some more great ChIL outside we had our yummy snack and then listening to Libby’s favourite story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We joined in making all the different sounds and thought about how the bear felt when the family didn’t want to play with him and he walked back to the cave on his own. Poor bear!

We were very hot after all our outside play so we had a Mindfulness session pretending to be ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ having a rest! Another fabulous day Nursery, well done!

Today we met two special members of the Nursery class, Peter Rabbit and Spot. Our teachers told us that Spot and Peter enjoyed watching us learn and play. When they saw us being kind, helpful, trying really hard at our activities, they told our teachers and said that we should be ‘Star of the Day’. When it is our turn to be ‘Star of the Day’ we will bring home Spot or Peter for a sleepover. Wow, we were so excited! Our teachers said that we would begin this next Monday on our first full week.

It was also an exciting day for another reason. Lots of us were staying for lunch for the first time. Nursery had lunch in the Dining Hall with Mrs Houten and Pre-Nursery had lunch in the classroom with Mrs Radgman. We all ate well and were super stars. It was so hot after lunch that instead of playing outside we had a little treat and watched some Peppa Pig. Some of us nearly fell asleep! Well done Nursery, that was a big day for you and we were proud of you.

On Thursday we all arrived looking fabulous for the school photo. Before going to meet the photographer we had a fantastic Busy Fingers working hard to make our fingers strong. Whilst we waited for our turn in the hall we read Lily’s favourite story ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. We wiggled our tentacles like an octopus, shivered like a wobbly jelly fish, snapped like a shark and lots more.

After our photos we were very hungry so we had a great snack time and then enjoyed great play in outside ChIL. Some of us sailed to the palace to meet princesses, some of us learnt to pedal bikes, whilst others played swing ball. Well done Nursery on our first trip out of the classroom to have our photos taken.

On Friday in our adult-led activity we thought about how we should behave in Nursery. Peter Rabbit and Lily helped us to think about being kind, sharing, taking turns and lots more. We decided that these should be our Nursery Rules and Mrs Matthews wrote them down for us and we are going to put them up in our classroom and send them home to our families too.

Today was another new experience for us in Nursery as we had our first Music Lesson with Mrs Lipman. We had our lesson in the classroom today and learnt lots of new songs. Soon, when we are all settled we will have our lesson in the hall.

We have had a great first week in Nursery and our teachers are very proud of us. Have lovely restful weekends and we will see you on Monday for more fun!

Mrs Radgman, Mrs Houten, Mrs Matthews and Miss Sayers x




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