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Reception Weekly News 11th June 2021

11th June 21

Welcome back everyone!

On Monday, we started the week off with such a fun party to celebrate Eden’s 5th Birthday. We went on a Treasure Hunt using positional language. We searched for clues above, below, on the left, on the right and inside our school. We were so clever and managed to read the clues using our amazing reading skills and finally discovered cakes inside the cupboard! The highlight was taking the bikes, scooters and bubble cars to the front of the school to find the final clue! What a fun game.

We loved playing Pass the Parcel and discovering in each layer there were a few delicious sweets and a challenge clue to read. Musical chairs was a rhyming game. We had to call out our character on the chairs each time and match them with a rhyming position, for example A bug on a mug and a mole in a hole.

On Tuesday, we started the morning with a lovely stretch to Pedro the Penguin at the Funfair with Jamie on Cosmic Kids.

In Literacy, we enjoyed helping Mrs Bishop and Miss Smith to write some holiday news together. We then wrote our own holiday news using photographs we had brought in from home.

In Mathematics, we worked really hard to practise writing our numbers. We tried really hard to write simple number sentences and started to use the counting on method using number lines to add two numbers together.

In French, we enjoyed listening to The Very Hungry Caterpillar in French with Madame Knight.

In our Topic Time, we shared a book about Police Officers, looking at the types of duties they take on. We decided it is quite a very interesting and varied job. We loved watching Let’s Play, where Rebecca pretended to be a Police Officer. Have another look at home on

Some of us then painted Police Officers for our class display.

In ChIL, we enjoyed using the Smart Board to draw pictures with our friends, writing to the Tooth Fairy and pretended to be Vets in our Role-Play area.

On Wednesday, we took time to make a Mind Map of different jobs we know. We thought of so many different jobs and wrote them ourselves. We loved using our drama skills to act out the job we think we might want to do when we grow up. We had so many different jobs including a gymnast, hairdresser, superhero and Mummy!

In Computing, we practised our handwriting skills using Purple Mash.

In ChIL, we loved pretending to be Police Officers, Vets, Florists and Mummy and Daddies in the Outdoor Classroom. We used lots of lovely language and remembered so many different tasks each profession carries out.

On Thursday we enjoyed reading Burglar Bill by Allan Ahlberg.  We each had a little whiteboard and a selection of props from the story was laid out in front of us.  As we listened, we had to spot the props relating to the passage we just heard, and then write the word on our whiteboard.

We then designed a ‘Wanted’ poster for Burglar Bill and Burglar Betty, outlining their crime and drew a picture for recognition!  Other activities we did included digraph bingo, writing and drawing what we wanted to be when we are grown up and playing a game with magnetic letters.

We then practised some subtraction in groups on the carpet. In the afternoon we went for a lovely swim.  It was super to have a dip in the warm sunshine! We then enjoyed an outside ChIL session, using all of the different areas.  We particularly enjoyed being police people and chasing some rather suspect characters!

On Friday we did a dictation session and then practised our handwriting.  We then completed a carousel of activities based on subtraction.  We played Bus Stop and completed a fun dice game, together with a subtraction worksheet.

After French in the afternoon, we had a lovely visit from Form II, who came to share some stories they had written.  It was so much fun to pair up with some of the older girls and have stories read to us.

We enjoyed some role play and Circle Time and then finished off the week with some meditation.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we will see you on Monday.


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