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Nursery Weekly News 7th June 2021

11th June 21

Welcome back! It was so lovely to see all of the boys and girls this morning as they returned to school! After a super Busy Fingers session full of cutting activities, sorting of the farm animals, observational paintings of flowers and construction activities we heard a little bit about the adventures from half term.  We will hear more about these during the week.

We found out about our new topic for the week of Plants and Gardening.  We looked at a picture of ‘Sunflowers’ by Vincent Van Gogh and learnt about how we plant a seed, how we look after it and what it needs to survive and grow.  We then planted a sunflower seed each to take home, to record how its grows and to water it. Please send us your progress photos as the plants grow (hopefully!).

We were also very excited to see we had a new Role Play area in the classroom.  We were able to explore all the new things to play with during our free flow ChIL session.

On Tuesday morning we were so industrious in Busy Fingers. We looked at real flowers and drew them using words such as stem, petals and leaves to describe them. We used our strong fingers to sort pompoms by size and colour, using tweezers to pick them up and fill up chocolate boxes. We also made cards with flowers on for different members of our family.

After Busy Fingers we learnt our new sound ‘w’ and also spent time recapping all the sounds we have previously learnt. We then played a fun game called ‘Across the River’. We took turns to identify the initial sound of an object or blend a cvc word. If we got it correct we took a long run up and crossed the river!

In outside ChIL we planted forget-me-knots and learnt how to care for plants. We also had great fun playing in our garden centre role play area.

On Wednesday morning after Busy Fingers we had French with Madame Knight.  We welcomed Madame Knight with a whole class ‘Bonjour’!   We learnt some names of our favourite fruits and matched them to the colour all in French!

After a quick Outdoor ChIL we had a yummy snack and some of the girls and boys had their turn in the swimming pool.  What a beautiful day it was for a swim!

On Thursday morning we had a wonderful Busy Fingers session where everyone was so engaged in the activities.  We are noticing lots of team work which is lovely to see! Some children worked together with Mrs Houten to make a rather tricky jigsaw, others played dominoes with Mrs Weir and many children made Lego patterns on boards, copying pattern boards. Well done Nursery.

In our adult-led activity we revisited our friend El Nombre! The girls and boys thoroughly enjoyed seeing El Nombre again.  They were able to ‘write’ the numbers in the air following El Nombre’s instructions and then we discussed what happens when we use ‘one more’ and ‘one less’.  Some of the girls and boys were able to find one more or one less from a suggested number! Fantastic!

On Friday morning we went on our Welly Walk after Busy Fingers.  We heard a story of Eddie’s Garden and helped to act out the story line down on the field.  After this we had a go at making our own miniature garden in a punnet.  The girls and boys scooped in soil and made holes in the soil for the seeds to be planted in.  Some of the seeds were so tiny, but we were able to use our fantastic fine motor skills to pinch and sprinkle the seeds into the soil.  We ensured the seeds were covered by soil and then set about decorating the garden with stones, shells and leaves.  We hope the gardens will grow at home and the girls and boys can remember to water them and keep them in a sunny spot!

We hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend and we look forward to more adventures with the girls and boys next week!


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