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Form 1 News 28th May 2021

31st May 21

Croak, Croak, Croak………. We have had a week full of croaking, singing and jumping!

We have spent much of our week rehearsing for our Junior Show ‘Croak’. We have to remember cues for when to say our lines; project our voices so everyone can hear us without us shouting; remember the words and actions to lots of songs and find our rhythm to dance to the very fast tune of ‘Crazy Frog’!

We finished the week by wearing our costumes and face paint with pride as we performed our show for the videographer. Look out for an email with details for how you can watch the premiere of our show!

In between transforming ourselves into frogs we have continued to work hard in the classroom. During PE we have been learning to hurdle. We tried very hard to pace ourselves and choose a lead leg to jump the hurdle with. We are also busy preparing for sports day and practising a variety of races.

During Science we enjoyed planting some sunflower seeds and are taking the responsibility of checking them each day very seriously! We know that they need to have water, sunlight and food to help them grow.

In Maths we are gaining independence and ownership of our work each day. We are working on a variety of addition, subtraction and problem-solving skills. We try hard to think if we need to use our fingers, count on in our heads, use a number line, a 100 square or use some counters. We look for any doubles or number bonds that we already know as we have worked out that all these skills help us to calculate the correct answers.

During art we carried on our work based upon different artists. So far we have looked at the work of Kandinsky, Anna Blatman and Matisse.

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