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Reception Weekly News 28th May

28th May 21

We enjoyed our last week learning about Space.

On Monday, in Literacy we tried hard to remember the order of the planets in the Solar System. We named all of the planets on our own solar system.

In Expressive Arts, we loved painting a dark night sky to use the following day.

We enjoyed rehearsing our Summer Show ‘Croak’ with Nursery and Form I. We did so well remembering the songs and our little dance. We can’t wait to share it with you.

On Tuesday, in Literacy we enjoyed recalled the story of ‘Papa, Get me the Moon’ by Eric Carle. We cut out our own moon and made a ladder to try to the reach the moon using lolly sticks. We can’t wait to use a photograph of ourselves reaching for the moon!

We enjoyed yoga by the same author Eric Carle story. It was ‘A Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We stretched and relaxed along with Jamie from Cosmic Kids.

In French, we loved learning the names of fruits and vegetables with Madame Knight.

In the afternoon, we designed a new piece of artwork, by making a collage of the planets and adding ourselves as intrepid astronauts.

On Wednesday, after a rehearsal with Mrs Lipman, we enjoyed making a moving astronaut together.

On Thursday we had a very exciting morning because a camera man came in to film us in the dress rehearsal of our show!  We sang and danced beautifully and loved wearing our costumes for the first time!

In the afternoon we FINALLY went swimming!  The sun was shining and the weather was beautiful.  We all did so well in our first swim in the school pool.  We each had a go at jumping in and also swam on our fronts and back using a noodle to keep us afloat.  Mrs Kendall and Mrs Halliday enjoyed a dip too!

On Friday we dressed in our costumes again and took part in our final production of ‘Croak’.  We are so excited to see the premiere on You Tube soon!

After playtime we did some dictation and then enjoyed a yummy lunch of beef or fish burgers.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some Circle Time and discussed our last half term in Reception and all of the lovely activities we have done.  We talked about our half term holiday plans and what we were looking forward to doing in the final few weeks of Reception.

We also had a special end of half term treat because we have done so well over the last half term, with all of our learning coped so well with our little stint of home learning!  We enjoyed watching a little film about an alien who was trying to find his way back to his planet and had a yummy chocolately treat to celebrate how well we did in our show.  We had some indoor and outdoor ChIL and then relaxed with some mindfulness meditation to end the day.

Have a wonderful half term break everyone and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 7th June.

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