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Nursery Weekly News 24th May 2021

28th May 21

We welcomed the smiley faces of the Nursery children back to the classroom on Monday morning and started the week off with a frog themed Busy Fingers session!  The girls and boys made a split pin frog using their cutting skills and showing careful fine motor control when making the holes for the split pins with a pencil and some blu-tak!

We had our first rehearsal after Busy Fingers for our Junior Production with the older girls from Reception, Form 1 and Form 2.  The girls and boys in Nursery were fantastic remembering the words and actions for the songs and dances even though we were in the hall and there were so many people there!  Well done!

We learnt some more about the Life Cycle of a Frog after snack and continued with our split pin frogs and made some frogspawn pictures using paints and kitchen roll tubes.

On Tuesday morning we welcomed Clemmie Sayers to the Nursery. She had come to play with us during Busy Fingers. We played a picture Lotto game with her and had great fun trying to remember where we had hidden the pieces. We took turns nicely and followed the rules of the game. We also made some great frog pictures using pens, crayons and collage and many of us wrote a label for our picture.

In our Jolly Phonics lesson we sang every song that linked to the sounds that we have learnt so far. Our favourite song is probably ‘h’ as we like to hop around as we sing! We then learnt the new sound ‘z’. We then played a game matching the initial sound of items in a bag to letter tiles. Some of us also wrote the initial sound of the item on a wipe board and some of us attempted to write all the sounds in the word that we could hear. We found a van, a pen, a pig, a hen, and many more. We had lots of fun and worked really hard. We are doing so well with our phonics and our teachers are sure we will know all 26 single sounds by the end of the Nursery year!

Wednesday was such a busy day. After a great busy fingers making some new pictures for our new role play are for next half-term, we had a French lesson with Madame Knight. We learnt the song Frere Jacque and added some actions as we sang.

We then had a Bug Hunt in our Outside Classroom. We were taking part in a special survey to see how many different types of mini-beast there are in our outside environment, We searched for 15 minutes, looking in bushes, under logs, in the flower beds and we found ants, wood lice, spiders, millipedes, slugs , snails and many more. Great work Nursery. Afterwards we had a great ChIL outside and we took turns on a new slide that the Stannard family had kindly donated to Nursery. Thank you so much.

Then it was time for some of us to have a dip in the pool and guess what the sun came out for us again. We had great fun learning to become confident in the water.

Thursday had arrived and it was show day. We were really excited as we changed into our yellow Sunbeam costumes. We went through to the hall and sang and danced our hearts out. Well done Nursery!

On Friday morning it was time to give one last performance of the Junior Production with the girls from the other Forms! The girls and boys were so fantastic that we were able to put the final marbles in the jar and when the jar is full it means party time! We had great fun playing some dancing games and musical chairs and had a yummy special snack to finish off the half term.

The boys and girls have worked so very hard this half term and we are looking hearing about all of their adventures when we return after the holidays!

Happy Half Term!


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