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Reception Weekly News 14th May

14th May 21

Welcome back everyone! We missed you all so much. Well done for all of your hard work and efforts. We loved seeing you arriving back fully loaded with art work!

We enjoyed coming back to school in our party clothes to help Georgina celebrate her 5th Birthday.

We went on an amazing treasure hunt reading the clues using our sounds, digraphs and tricky words. We managed to read every clue on our own, following them around the school. We jogged, spun, skipped and crept around the school until we found the final clue and found chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for us all to enjoy at snack time. Delicious!

We enjoyed playing Musical Chairs with higher numbers up to 29. When we sat down on our chairs each time, we shouted out the numerals. We even managed to give one more and one more than a number each time and even tried a ten more on a few numbers. Well done girls!

In the afternoon, we enjoyed finding out why the moon looks different on each day of the month. We loved watching an experiment and trying the experiment ourselves. We then joined with a song  about the phases of the moon, making our own moon phase spinner which we can use to look at the moon at night.

One of our friends shared her beautiful Planet Show and Tell, which was an amazing glittery papier mache planet and superb poster. She explained all about her planet, how all of her friends and family could join her, how she made it and what is was like on her planet. We all wanted to visit the Rainbow Planet.

Wednesday was a busy day with Music with Mrs Lipman, followed by the story of ‘Papa, Get me the Moon’ by Eric Carle. We enjoyed the story and even relating the phases of the moon to the story. Have a watch at home; We thought carefully about something Monica was saying to her Papa and wrote them in speech bubbles.

PE with Mrs Halliday was fun, with relay practise around the track and even attempting to skip with skipping ropes. We finished PE with a Rapunzel Meditation, which helped us to completely relax and recharge after all of our exercise.

We finished our school day with two super Planet Show and Tell presentations. We loved the sound of Pizza Planet, with an edible pizza planet and chocolate chip rings! We thought the shooting star was beautiful and were amazed that it would only take an hour to get there. We thought we might go as a school trip! We also loved our friends balloon planet was lovely, with a 3D planet.

On Thursday we started the day in a very peaceful way, with some observational drawings of bluebells.  Each table had different media to use; pastels, felt pens and wax crayons.  We had some beautiful calming music on and we all worked so quietly and diligently on our pictures.  It was amazing to see how differently we all interpreted the flowers.

In Literacy, we watched a short clip about space rocket design and then labelled space rockets with all of their relevant parts, eg, nose and fins.  We enjoyed doing this on clipboards all together on the  carpet.  We then each designed our own rockets and labelled them with our lovely neat handwriting.

In Maths, we worked on Shape Recognition, played some number recognition Bingo and some of us enjoyed a game of Rockets and Comets with Miss Smith.  We loved whizzing our astronauts up the smoke trails of the rockets, but weren’t so keen on sliding down the meteor tails!

In the afternoon, we had fun making rock cakes.  We weighed and measured and predicted what would happen each time we added an ingredient.

We also had fun with Nursery during ChIL outside.

On Friday we really impressed our teachers with our amazing dictation skills.  We are getting better and better at remembering our capital letters now!

In Maths we revised 3D shapes.  We also enjoyed activities such as building with 3D shapes!

In the afternoon we had Circle Time and discussed being helpful.  We then ended the week with some calming meditation.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you on Monday.


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