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Reception Weekly News 30th April

30th April 21

We had a surprise trip to the moon on Monday morning. We listened carefully to ‘One Giant Leap; The Story of Neil Armstrong’ and acted out the story. We loved taking on the roles of Neil, Buzz and Michael. We enjoyed hearing about Neil’s life from early childhood and his love of aeroplanes to getting his pilot’s licence and training as an astronaut. We all decided to join the three astronauts on their mission, taking four days to reach the moon. We loved hearing about how they had to turn the rocket over called ‘barbecue roll’ to stop it from becoming too hot or too cold. We were then so lucky to be able to watch the moon landing and even heard Neil saying ‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ What an amazing achievement!

In Mathematics, we recalled all of the flat 2D shape names and properties. We tried hard to recall the more unusual 2D shapes, including hexagon, octagon and pentagon.  We enjoyed singing along to a new shape song on the Smartboard before playing ‘Pinned on Me’. We had to give clues about a shape including how many sides and pointy corners they have. We were brilliant at playing the game, even giving some different clues to help our friends including ‘the shape we can see on the moon’ for crescent!

In the afternoon during ChIL, we loved acting out Apollo 11’s space mission in the Role Play Area!

On Tuesday, we enjoyed being very creative mixing our own paint and creating super pictures. We loved working with our friends in the Space Station. We ended the day listening to Georgia talking about Planet Daisy. Georgia explained about her amazing planet, including marshmallow clouds, strawberry lace grass, coloured sherbet sand and pom-pom flowers. We all decided we would love to visit Planet Daisy with Georgia!

On Wednesday, we watched Stargazers on Cbeebies, where we learnt more about the Moon and Jupiter. We have also enjoyed sharing Charlotte and Lottie’s non-fiction Space books during the week. We loved PE with Mrs Halliday, where we ran a whole 100 metres around the field. We finished the day with a really relaxing mediation all about Cinderella. We ended the day with Lottie’s super Show and Tell. She told us about an imaginary planet called Loveland. You have to travel by Love Aeroplane. Loveland is heart shaped and everyone on it is lovely. We all decided to visit Loveland with Lottie!


On Thursday, we retold the story Whatever Next!  We enjoyed talking about baby bear going into space in his cardboard box with a colander on his head for a helmet!  We then thought about what we would like to take to space if we were going on a voyage!  Some of us wrote sentences in a backpack template and some of us drew pictures and labelled them.  We decided to take blankets, teddies, sandwiches and smoothies!

In the afternoon we made our own space rocket windows!  We had to use our imagination to think what we might see out of our rocket window.  We made some fabulous shiny window frames and the filled the black sky behind with colourful planets and very funny looking aliens!

On Friday we took part in a Daily Mile on the field.  We all did so well and ran over 10 laps of the field!  We then had a fun playtime watching some of the members of staff run laps of the field!  Some were in fancy dress and it was very funny seeing a pink flamingo and a fairy running around!

After playtime we did some dictation.  We focused really hard on making our sentences perfect, using full stops, capital letters and finger spaces.  We looked at some sentences that Mrs Kendall had written on the Smart Board first and she made so many mistakes!  We had to tell her how to make them perfect!

We then did a little mental maths practise before lunch.

In the afternoon we did some Circle Time and talked about being brave.  We had some outdoor ChIL and then some calm meditation to end the week.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody and enjoy the Bank Holiday!  See you on Tuesday 4th May.

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