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Nursery Weekly News 26th April 2021

27th April 21

Today we started our new topic work on ‘The Life Cycle of the Butterfly’. In our adult led activity we read the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and used a story sack with props to act out the story. We learnt about the way that the caterpillar had to eat lots of food before hiding away in a cocoon for a sleep. After two weeks he turned into a beautiful butterfly. We then pretended to be in our cocoon, nibbled our way out and finally flew off in the sun to dry our wings landing on flowers. Great fun was had by all!

After our activity in ChIL we all drew butterflies and then folded them in half. We used paint techniques to decorate one side and then folded it over to make the same pattern on the other side. Annabel told us that this was called symmetry.


We learnt the dance routine for our show and also our special song. You are going to love it! We also had a visit form Mr Sayers who came to present an Easter egg to the winner of the baking competition.


After washing dollies in the sunshine and exploring magnetic properties in items hidden in a sand tray we enjoyed a story and music and movement with the ‘Stick Kids’.

Tuesday morning Busy Fingers truly was a busy one! The girls and boys enjoyed recreating the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and made their own cards using butterfly pictures to send to their family members.  We are getting very good at writing messages inside the cards now and we are working really hard on the correct ‘frog on a log’ pencil grip too.

In the Outdoor Area we practised our physical skills by playing football, building towers and washing babies! We had a good look at the tadpoles in the pond – there are so many! During the morning we also practised some of the songs for our show ‘Croak’ and had a fun time singing some songs of our own choices and playing musical instruments to accompany our singing!

On Wednesday we had a fantastic time showing our teachers how brilliant we are at using our writing skills! Our pencil control is really improving and so many children are able to label their pictures using their phonic sound knowledge.  This is absolutely brilliant!

We also continued with our topic of Butterflies by sequencing the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.  Madame Knight came to teach us some French too!  We continued to learn about colours and puppets!

On Thursday we enjoyed a Music lesson with Mrs Lipman in the hall.  We sang some songs about worms and pretended to be worms slithering and sliding about! We also had to try to escape from the the swooping birds who were hungry for their food!  The girls and boys sang beautifully and listened carefully too.  In the classroom we practised our ‘Croak’ songs.  The girls and boys have done so well learning the words for our special song and they are very excited to start to learn the dance too!

On Friday morning in Busy Fingers the boys and girls enjoyed a board game with Mrs Holdstock.  They took turns well and shared the equipment helping each other to play in a fair way and following the rules of the game.

After Busy Fingers we had to dash out to the school field to take part in our Daily Mile Challenge.  We had to complete as many laps of the school field track as we could with as much running as we could.  We ran alongside the Reception class and we each managed to run 1km!  How amazing!  The perseverance and determination the children showed was incredible and we are very proud of them all!

After a well earned snack we practised all of the songs that we will be singing in our Junior Production next month.  We have made a great start and we are sure you will enjoy the virtual show!

We hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and we look forward to hearing about the children’s adventures on Tuesday.


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