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Reception Weekly News

19th March 21

We hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Mother’s Day yesterday!

On Monday in Literacy, we took an imaginary trip to Australia. We learnt about the Great Barrier Reef and enjoyed a story about a Rainbow Fish who wouldn’t share his shiny silver scales. We decided to become authors ourselves and each written a sentence about an illustration from the story. We couldn’t wait to read our own version of the story. We loved using watercolours to paint pretty Rainbow Fish for the story.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed some Great Barrier Reef addition, writing number sentences on our white boards and working out the answers by either counting up all of the fish or counting on.

We loved hearing Stella and Winter’s Holiday Show and Tell. Winter told us all about Greece and Stella spoke about The Isle of Skye. We now want to visit both places! The girls told us a lot about the different holiday destinations and shared some lovely photographs. The girls really enjoyed asking them questions after their Show and Tell. Super start to the presentations.

On Tuesday, we loved joining Jamie and Squish the Fish for Yoga. We started with a few minutes of gratitude before having a full body stretch.

In Literacy, we thought back to the Rainbow Fish from Australia and decided to grow our own rainbow. We watched a simple Science experiment on the Smartboard before writing out our own instructions. We then carried out the experiment together on the carpet and it worked! We couldn’t believe our eyes!

In Mathematics, we loved singing number rhymes from around the world.

In our Topic Time, we loved finding out about New Zealand. We found out about the North and South Islands, foods people love to eat and the birds which live there including Kiwi Birds. We decided to paint our own birds, including some lovely detail. We can’t wait to see them on the washing line soon. We enjoyed a delicious meringue from New Zealand for snack time!

We ended the day flying off to Thailand with Lottie for her Show and Tell.

Wednesday started with some creative Aboriginal art. We learnt how the pictures were made using earthy tones, so we used red, brown, yellow and black paint with cotton buds. We enjoyed some calm painting while listening to Aboriginal didgeridoo music.

We loved listening to Samaya’s Show and Tell all about the Cotswolds. We learnt that she went on a super steam train ride and visited a Motoring Museum. We loved the look of the old buildings and now want to visit the Cotswolds too.

In Literacy, Mrs Comer and Mrs Pearson asked us to recall our favourite part of Lockdown at home. We wrote beautiful captions on leaves to add to a whole school tree.

We continued our Aboriginal art theme with a Purple Mash programme on the iPads.

We enjoyed Dance with Mrs Halliday and took a quiet moment to relax afterwards with a Relax Kids Meditation.

On Thursday, we had a day of learning all about India.  We listened to a story called Elephant Dance and we used props set out on the carpet, such as lentils, rainbows and toy elephants!  We then did a writing task where we had to use adjectives to describe a picture from the story.  While some of us were writing, others were labelling an elephant using our phonic knowledge and others were playing Tricky Word Bingo to help us revise our tricky words.

After playtime, we enjoyed hearing all about Georgina’s holiday to Cyprus.  We were very impressed with her video of her driving a little red car!

In the afternoon, we loved learning about lots of different spices from India.  We sniffed some Garam Masala, Paprika and Turmeric and then mixed each spice into white paint to make some scented paint!  We then painted our interpretation of the Taj Mahal with the paints.  The smell was amazing as we painted!

On Friday, we looked at some sentences that Mrs Kendall wrote on the board.  She made so many mistakes!  It was our job to correct the sentences to make them perfect.  We were so good at spotting where full stops should be and we even spotted where Mrs Kendall had forgotten capital letters.  Shock horror!

We then did our weekly dictation and our teachers were so impressed with how neat our writing is becoming!

We then watched Erin’s Show and Tell and learned all about her lovely time in Suffolk.

After playtime we took part in a Maths carousel.  We completed some Lego addition, played a Bus Stop game where we had to do adding and taking away sums and used counting bears to write our own number sentences on a white board.

In the afternoon we had Circle Time and talked about special qualities we all have.  We then had some outdoor ChIL with our friends and had a relaxing afternoon with some guided meditation and calm sharing books with our friends.

Enjoy the weekend everyone and we will see you for some Easter fun and learning next week; the last week of school before the Easter holidays!

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