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Nursery Weekly News 15th March 2021

17th March 21

This week in our topic work on ‘Animals’ will be learning about ‘Farm Animals’.

To start the week off we had lots of ‘Busy Fingers’ farm animal themed activities. We used tap-a-shape to make farm animal pictures and some of us wrote captions to accompany them. Others of us used our ever increasing cutting skills to cut out farm animal pictures and make stick puppets. We also used farm animal stencils on the floor on large paper and managed to trace some lovely pictures and write the animal’s names under them.

In our adult-led activity to introduce our new topic we sang ‘old Macdonald had a Farm’. Some of us wore masks and pretended to be the animals making the appropriate noise and some of us used finger puppets to be the baby animals. We leant lots of new names for baby animals.

We are continuing with our Sir Captain Tom 100 challenge and this week we are concentrating on our balancing skills and core strength using stilts to walk across the outside classroom.  These gross motor skills and core strength will help us to gain the fine motor skills to learn to write.

We had a great time playing farms in a trough of mud, which was angel delight and hay, which was Shredded Wheat and Weetabix. The animals had a great time in the pretend mud and we were able to introduce a storyline into our play.

On Tuesday morning we had our Jolly Phonics session.  We went through all the sounds that we have already learnt and their actions to help us remember them.  We are getting really rather good at them! Our new sound ‘o’ was fun to learn about and then we played a game of ‘Pass the bag around the ring’ where we found objects inside a bag and matched them to the correct letter, taking it in turns and allowing each other to speak when it was their turn.  How very grown up!

During Outdoor ChIL we climbed on the climbing frame, practised our balancing skills with the stilts and sailed to Africa in the wooden boat fleeing from sharks and narwhals along the way!!

On Wednesday we were so engaged in our learning in Busy Fingers. Some of us showed so much excitement and energy completing numerous jigsaws working as a team. Others worked on getting props ready for our new role play area next half term. We painted a big box  which is going to be a tree.

In French we played a game hiding coloured scarves and asking our friends if they had them. We had three guesses each and learnt some new French words. Then suddenly a bell rang, it was a fire drill so we quickly walked down to the field for a registration. We were so sensible and our teachers were so proud.

In ChIl we began to work on a secret Easter mission and also worked hard on number and phonic recognition. There was also some lovely interactive role play and an amazing construction. We also had great fun working on our gross motor skills throwing animal beanbags at targets. Great work Nursery!

On Thursday morning we took some time to practice telling some jokes in preparation for Red Nose Day on Friday.  The children thoroughly enjoyed this and were roaring with laughter! Mrs Houten also told us all some very funny jokes! We can’t wait for tomorrow to hear some more!

After snack time we put the Sticky Kids music on and moved our bodies in time to the music and listened carefully to the instructions.  There was some very careful listening going on and at the end of the session we felt our pulses in our wrist and neck and felt our hearts beating quickly in our chests.  We also talked about how our breathing is affected during and after exercise.

Friday was a very exciting morning as we had our Red Nose Day celebrations.  Everyone came to Nursery dressed in red clothing looking fantastic!  We played with some red balloons practising our throwing and catching skills and decorated some cupcakes with a face and a red nose!!  The girls and boys shared some hilarious jokes with us all and delivered them beautifully! Our Welly Walk was a paper chase finding red noses all around the school that Lily Rabbit had scattered!  The girls and boys had their own paper bag to collect the ‘noses’ in and they have brought them home to share with you!  We then had a lovely Outside ChIL in the gorgeous sunny weather to finish off the week!

Thank you very much for your kind donations for Red Nose Day.  We wish you all a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week for our week of learning about Mythical Creatures!





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