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Reception Weekly News

12th March 21

Welcome back everyone!

We were so excited to get back to school today. We enjoyed a lovely long Busy Fingers, chatting, laughing and playing with our friends. We made flag patterns, made a world puzzle, playing World Wide Lotto and sharing stories together.

We took time talking about how we feel coming back to school during Circle Time.

We loved playing together outside in the sunshine. We pretended to be Vets, helping animals from around the world, digging in the sand pit, playing on the boat, in the wendy house and using the bouncy hoppers.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a lovely relaxed Busy Fingers, drawing, completing puzzles and painting.

We stretched along with Nubs the Octopus and Jamie during our Cosmic Kids Yoga session.

In Literacy, we chatted about Mothering Sunday coming up at the weekend. We know one of our girls is taking on all of her Mummy’s jobs for the day! What kind girls we have. We listened to a lovely story ‘I love my Mummy’ by Emma Dodd and wrote the inside of our cards, giving one of the many reasons why we love our Mummy.

In the afternoon, we loved seeing Madame Knight. We played lots of games and even enjoyed a French Mother’s Day story called ‘Maman’. We also enjoyed some ChIL indoors and in the sunshine, building construction models together. We even made models of London landmarks using 2d magnetic shapes. Can you spot Big Ben?

On Wednesday, we enjoyed seeing Mrs Lipman again in our Music session. We sang and moved to music.

In Literacy, we really enjoyed looking at something Charlotte had made during the lockdown – A Gratitude Tree. We found out that being grateful for something is a little like being thankful. On that particular day, Charlotte was grateful for her Mummy, the sun and flowers. We have loved being back with our twelve special friends, so we listened to ‘My Best Friends’ by Emma Dodd and wrote reasons why we are grateful for our friends on leaves to add to the stick tree on display.

In Computing, we really liked making maps just like Katie Morag’s Isle of Struay using the iPads with Miss Smith. We can’t wait to see them on the washing line soon.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a super PE session with Mrs Halliday. We were so tired afterwards and will sleep well tonight!

Wednesday has now become Wellness Wednesday with a little bit of time devoted to feeling good. We decided on having a quick Disco together in the classroom to improve our wellbeing. It really worked! Try having a kitchen disco at home over the weekend!

We were really excited to receive a Lockdown Certificate at the end of the day. Well done everyone for being such superstars at home and in the Key Worker Bubbles!

On Thursday, we learnt all about Australian animals.  We learnt about koalas, wombats, kangaroos and emus.  We learnt that marsupials have pouches!  We then had fun writing and drawing a fact file about a chosen animal.  We also enjoyed snipping paper to make feathers for a paper plate emu and had a good practice at colouring in the lines on some Australian animal colouring.

After a very wet play time (some of which was inside), we got ready for PE and then continued with a surprise ready for this weekend…….

After lunch, we had PE with Mrs Halliday!  We also enjoyed a lovely ChIL with our friends, indoors and outdoors.  Some of us enjoyed making a camp site using the contents of the Wendy House!  It looked amazing!

On Friday, we enjoyed a session with a West End company who brought the Gingerbread Man story to life for us!  We really enjoyed joining in with the dancing.

We then did a dictation session and focused on writing perfect sentences using full stops, finger spaces and capital letters.

After playtime we looked at a huge World Map on the carpet and found different countries that we have visited.  We then enjoyed colouring a world map, using a different colour for each continent.

After lunch we had French with Madame Knight and then Circle Time, using the time to reflect on the first week back at school.  We then finished the week with some calming meditation and mindfulness.

We have had a wonderful, busy first week back and it has been so lovely to see everyone together again.  See you all on Monday!



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