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Nursery Weekly News 8th March 2021

12th March 21

On Monday we welcomed back our friends Luca and Lauren and also Mrs Weir. We were delighted and excited to see them and hear all about their news.

This week we are learning about ‘Birds’ in our topic work on ‘Animals’. We looked at an information film on the smart board that showed a bird making a nest, laying eggs, the eggs hatching and then the baby birds growing strong enough to fly. We really learnt a lot. We then read the story ‘Owl Babies’, by Martin Waddell and we acted out the story taking on roles within it. At the end we talked about the sequence of the story. We were very good at telling our teachers what happened in the beginning, middle and end.

In outside. ChIL we went bird spotting around the school using binoculars. When we saw a bird we looked on our bird spotting list and ticked it off. This week we are going to make bird feeders for the birds that fly into our school.

We also started another Sir Captain Tom 100 Challenge. This time we are completing 100 laps of an obstacle course. We had to jump in hoops, walk along a balance beam, throw bricks into a box and then walk back to the beginning using stilts. We did a great job.

We also took time to share more favourite stories from our friends. We shared a ‘Hairy Maclary’ from Lucy and ‘Ten Little Princesses’ from Pollyanna.

On Tuesday morning we had a great Busy Fingers playing board games with Mrs Halliday, making owl pictures using our cutting skills, colouring and collaging some bird pictures and completing a number of bird puzzles.

In our Jolly Phonics lesson we learnt new sound ‘g’ and recapped all our previous sounds. We then played a great game on the smart board called Phoneme Pop, where we matched the sound to the picture and popped bubbles with the correct sound in. Some of us also shared a bird story called ‘Wow!’ and worked on Literacy skills such as rhyme and pronunciation of initial sounds and blends.

We had a great ChIL session and completed more of our obstacle course.

On Wednesday we had a super Busy Fingers session learning to play alongside and with our friends, sharing toys and resources.  We are getting really good at this now and learning new things from each other as well as from our teachers.

After registration we were delighted to welcome Madame Knight back to the classroom for our French lesson.  It was super to see her again in real life rather than on the Smart board! We learnt the word for ‘Mummy’ in French and heard a lovely story in French all about the things our Mummies do for us!

Today we shared more of our friends favourite books. Lauren and Luca both brought in Peppa Pig Stories and we enjoyed ‘Happy Birthday Peppa!’ and ‘Peppa’s Magical Unicorn’.

On Thursday morning we worked really hard in Busy Fingers. We made bird masks using our fine motor skills to cut and thread. We played number game with Mrs Halliday, counting one-to-one correspondence. We also enjoyed making bird models with Popoids.

We were then really excited as Mrs Lipman came into the classroom for our Music lesson. We explored rhythm and beat learning some new songs and using different musical instruments.

In a very windy ChIL we completed our obstacle course challenge by completing 100 laps. Well done everyone for amazing perseverance.

In the afternoon we watched the video of bird watching that Miss Sewell sent us. We learnt lots of different types of birds and their characteristics. We them made some rather yummy chocolate bird nests with some eggs in. Yummy!

On Friday we were very excited to have our dance workshop. We listened to the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and then we began with a warm up session to get our bodies ready to dance. We learnt a dance routine and then performed it along with our teachers. We had great fun.

We had a super ChIL session indoors and outdoors and a Music lesson with Mrs Lipman. What a busy day.

We hope all the Mummies have a special Sunday and are really looked after. See you all on Monday.

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