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Form 1 News 12th March

12th March 21

Child at St Hilda's School
We have all had the most exciting yet exhausting week back in school. We have absolutely loved seeing our friends and teachers in real life rather than on a screen. It has been a little noisier than usual in the classroom as we all have so much to say!  In between chatting and catching up we have been working hard to try to remember how to listen and follow an instruction particularly when it is given to a whole group of us, and we are also remembering how to work independently.
We have been writing, calculating, reading, painting, dressing up, using the cafe, solving problems, singing, acting to name but a few things. The highlight of our week was beginning to learn about a famous Explorer called Captain Robert Scott. Scott wanted to be the first person to ever reach the South Pole.  We learnt that he did reach the South Pole but sadly he had been beaten by a Norwegian explorer called Amundsen. Captain Scott left a diary behind which has taught us many interesting facts about being an explorer and the details of his diary helped many further expeditions to understand what they should take with them to survive. We discussed what clothes we would need to wear if we were explorers.  Mathilda showed us that it would be rather hard to walk wearing so many clothes!
Our homework for the weekend is to have a rest and some early nights as we are all very tired.
See you on Monday everyone.
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