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Nursery Weekly News 1st March 2021

5th March 21

Forest School at Nursery

Today we began our second week of topic work on animals thinking about the ‘Big Five’. We found out that the big five includes elephants, rhinos, leopards, buffalo and lions. We watched a video about where these animals live and talked about their size and characteristics. We learnt that they were called the ‘big five’ as hunters used to say that they were the most difficult animals to catch. We learnt that some of these animals are endangered and we decided that these animals should be looked after now and we learnt that this is called conservation.

After this we had a fun Music lesson with Mrs Lipman singing some new songs all about animals. There were some great actions and we really enjoyed the lesson.

We did some gardening in outside ChIL getting ready for Spring and also began our Sir Captain Tom trampolining challenge, each bouncing 100 times on the trampoline.

We also took time to look at some other pets and Shona told us all about her stick insects and Miriam told us all about her puppy.

On Tuesday we turned into wild animals making animal masks using our amazing cutting skills. Miss Smith was quite scared when a gorilla crept up behind her!

We focused on our new sound ‘d’ today and had great fun drumming in the song. We also recapped all our previously learnt sounds, we are speeding through them! We then split into three groups working on different skills.

We also had our last Zoom Music lesson with Mrs Lipman. We had a great time singing all the animal songs that we have learnt over the last few weeks and are now looking forward to seeing Mrs Lipman in person next week.

On Wednesday we used Purple Mash to draw some amazing elephant pictures. We are getting really confident using this platform. We also collaged, painted and used a new construction toy with lots of animals and Dora the Explorer.

We had a great French lesson with Madame night learning to use our manners in French saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. We used these newly learnt phrases during snack time.

In outside ChIL we finished our Sir Captain Tom 100 trampoline challenge and each child and Mrs Radgman has completed 100 jumps on the trampoline, so in total 2100 jumps!!! Phew! As we were so exhausted after snack we listened and watched two songs from ‘The Lion King’.

Prior to inside ChIL we had fun pretending to be all the big five animals. Each animal was represented by a musical instrument and we moved like those animals each time the music changed. We ended up as elephants holding trunk to tail and went for a long walk to the watering hole where we sprayed one another. What fun!

On Thursday the Nursery children didn’t come to school, but 19 different book characters arrived instead. Wow, they all looked fantastic. After some fun in  Busy Fingers we read our first favourite story from Tommy called ‘Welcome to Alien School’. It was a great story and Tommy came dressed as an astronaut like the character in the book.

After our snack today Mr Sayers, Grace’s Daddy came to read us on of his favourite stories which we so enjoyed.

Later on in the day we also shared pirate Sandro’s favourite story ‘The Pirates of Scurvy Sands’ and Sandro did an amazing pirate impressions. Shona came dressed as a fairy as her story was ‘Sugar Lump and the Unicorn’, which we really enjoyed. We look forward to more favourite stories tomorrow.

On Friday we had a fabulous Well Walk all based around the story ‘The Ugly Five’. We found numbered clues and poems around the school. We read each poem and thought about the animal being described in it. We were amazing at guessing which ugly animal it was and then we found a picture of the animal. Eventually we found all the five animals and then a mystery parcel with the word ‘six’ on it, which we managed to blend as number six. Inside was the book ‘The Ugly Five’. We settled down in the woodland area and enjoyed the story.

We also shared Miriam, Reva and Romy’s favourite books during ChIL. We enjoyed them all and look forward to more amazing stories next week.

Have lovely weekends in the spring sunshine.


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