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Nursery Weekly news 22nd February 2021

26th February 21

Welcome back to another exciting half-term in Nursery.

We began our morning with a great Busy Fingers session making pet puppets, making pet pictures using tap-a-shape, drawing some of the pets that we have at home and matching ducks to numbers in a nest. Gosh what a busy start.

In our adult-led activity we shared the story ‘Six Dinner Sid’ and heard all about a cheeky cat who had six different owners and ate six dinners every night. We made some amazing predictions in the story and were able to sequence it at the end telling our teachers what happened in the beginning, middle and the end. Wow, what a good start back!

We had an animal themed Music lesson with Mrs Lipman singing about a spider, two tigers and a mouse who wanted a new house.

After a great play in our new Vets role play area and some indoor ChIL doing loads of animal puzzles our first morning back drew to an end. Phew, that was a busy morning!

On Tuesday we worked really hard on our fine motor skills making split pin pets. We had to concentrate really hard when cutting, making holes in all the pieces and joining them together with the pins. We also spent time exploring length, making towers and measuring them against our friends.

Before registration we shared some of our pet photos and we took turns to speak about them and some of our friends were very clever and asked some questions. We are going to look at more each day.

We then enjoyed our Jolly Phonics lesson learning sound ‘m’ and also revisited all the other single sounds that we have already learnt. We then worked in different groups on different Literacy skills, some of us played Phoneme Pop, some of us played Across the River blending some cvc words, whilst another group shared a story and spent time discussing the sequence, characters, setting and looked for rhyming words.

In ChIL we began our Captain Sir Tom 100 Challenge and between us we managed 45 climbs of the slide. We’ll get to 100 by Friday easily!

On Wednesday we revisited the story ‘Six Dinner Sid’ and made our Beebot toy into Sid. We then used the buttons to programme him to move around the roads on our mat. We really enjoyed using this technology.

We looked at more of our pets and did great work listening, talking and understanding.

We had a French lesson with Madame Knight and we learnt the names for different parts of our bodies in French. We had great fun singing Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes in French.

We continued our climbing challenge and demonstrated some great core strength and perseverance. We also had great fun in the sunshine playing in the petting zoo.

On Thursday morning in our adult-led activity we tackled a really hard Maths activity making a pictogram all about the pets that we have at home. First we drew our pets on little pieces of paper and then we all took turns to put them in columns by type. As we went along we counted the number of hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, stick insects, fish and also a column for no pets. We counted the number of pets in each column and wrote the number above. We used language such as ‘more’, ‘less’, ‘tallest’ and ‘shortest’ to compare them. As a finale we counted the total which was 24 pets. Wow what a clever bunch we are!

We had fun in Chil with more animal themed activities and great cooperative role play in the vets. We also tackled a huge animal floor puzzle! What great learners we all are!

Today we were thinking about our topic work on ‘Pets’ and also the special themed day on ‘Food Art’. We began the morning painting with carrots and printing with different vegetables, such as onions, potatoes, celery, and broccoli. They all made great patterns.

Romy then drew us a big picture of her hamster, Princess Lola and we used all the shiny and patterned sweet wrappers to decorate Lola. She looks fabulous and we worked really hard as a team.

We then went on another exciting Welly Walk and found some strange boxes around the school that contained different animals. We counted the animals, talked about where they lived, the names of adult and baby animals and we then moved like all the animals. Eventually we worked out that all the animals were in the story ‘Dear Zoo’. We sat in the beautiful sunshine and read the story and considered which animals were suited to being pets and which weren’t.

What a great end to a fabulous week. Enjoy the sunshine at the weekend.

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