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Nursery Weekly News 1st February 2021

5th February 21

‘Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon’. Our ‘Rocket and Spaceship’ topic has started.

We had a fantastic Busy Fingers, working on our dexterity. We used scissors to cut patterns of rocket jets going to the moon, we used stencils of astronauts, spaceships, stars, aliens, etc. to make beautiful pictures and write captions underneath, we made rockets with construction toys and dressed up as aliens and astronauts. Gosh what a busy start.

We then talked about a favourite book that tells the story of a little bear who goes to the moon. We quickly guessed that it was ‘Whatever Next’  by Jill Murphy and we thought what a good idea it would be to act it out using props and adding percussion. We were amazing actors!

Afterwards we made our own little books of the story and thought about the beginning, middle and ending of the story. Some of us even added captions using our phonic knowledge. Amazing!

We even squeezed in a quick Music lesson with Mrs Lipman.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off, Tuesday has arrived. Again, we busied ourselves with space activities. We cut out different planets and looked at information books about the different planets, asteroids, rockets, telescopes, etc. Lots of us already knew lots of information, but together we found out more! Some of us role-played landing on the moon and finding friendly aliens. We were great at adding a narrative to our play.

Then it was Jolly Phonics and we learnt our new sound ‘h’ . Afterwards we split into different groups to work on different aspects of the Literacy curriculum. Some of us shared a space story  with Mrs Houten and used the picture clues to tell the story to her. We also spotted rhyming words, the characters in the story and lots more. Some of us played Phoneme Pop on the smartboard, linking sounds to letters, whilst another group wrote letters and simple cvc words on wipe boards. Gosh we are a clever lot of Nursery children!

We had a great time making moving spacemen in Busy Fingers. We really had to concentrate on cutting out all the pieces and using split pins to join him together. Great work! We shared space stories with Miss smith and also looked at more information books, whilst Mrs Houten helped us to use correct pencil grips when colouring our space pictures.

We had a great French lesson with Madame Knight recapping our colours in French and then listening to ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ in French and joining in with the actions and learning the repeating refrains in French.

Thursday was our ‘Maths’ lesson and today we were learning about one less and matching quantity to numeral. We sang ‘5 Little Spacemen’ and we learnt that each time one flew away we had one less. Mrs Houten demonstrated how to form the number on the wipe boards. We then split into groups and played a great game collecting items from around the indoor and outdoor classroom to match to a numeral. We were amazing and we tidied up afterwards.

We also had a great Music lesson with Mrs Lipman learning some new songs about being kind and taking turns. In the afternoon we had a nice calm time with some mindfulness relaxation before making some planets, using marble painting.

Hooray, Welly Walk day has arrived. Before going out on a journey in our space rockets, we listened and acted out a Sticky Kids song called ‘We’re going to the Moon’. We then blasted off and found lots of different paper planets around the school. Then to our amazement we found some air-filled planets on the seating on the field. Mrs Radgman climbed up and when we guessed the name of the planets Mrs Radgman passed them down onto the field before we put them in the correct order. We then climbed back in our rockets and zoomed around the solar system. We finished our Welly Walk by singing a song about Baby Bear from our story on Monday,’ Whatever Next’!

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