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Nursery Weekly News 25th January 2021

29th January 21

Gosh! What an exciting day, the school is covered in snow!

We had a quick Busy Fingers and registration and then began the mammoth task of wrapping up warmly for some snow play on the field. Once we were ready we went to the field and ran around throwing snow balls at our friends and teachers and even Mr Sayers, aren’t we cheeky! We played snow angels and made snowmen. All of a sudden we realised we were cold so we went back inside and had a lovely warm snack time.

After our snack we had a great Music lesson and got really warmed up following action songs.

Tuesday had arrived and it was time for our weekly Jolly Phonics lesson. We recapped all our previous sounds and our teachers were so pleased with the way we are making the sounds, linking them to the letters and making the actions. We then learnt our new sound ‘e’ and had great fun pretending to crack eggs into a pan.

Next our friend  arrived on her 4th birthday and gave us a wave in the classroom. We sang happy birthday and she kindly left us all a disco biscuit. Lots of us will see her later today at her Zoom disco party.

We had another run around the snowy field, a Music lesson with Mrs Lipman and a great indoor ChIL working on our numbers and sounds and playing schools with our friends. Gosh what a busy day!

Today was Wednesday so it must be the day for French. Madame Knight had sent us a little game to play called squeak piggy squeak. We took turns to be blindfolded or to be a piggy squeaking and we had to guess who the piggy was. She also read us a lovely story about a little bear. We love French!

The snow had melted so we were able to have a lovely ChIL in our outside classroom. We were excited to get back onto the bikes, play tennis, bounce on the trampoline and hunt for dinosaurs in the sandpit.

In the afternoon with Miss Smith we explored floating and sinking. We had a tray of objects and little paper boats and we tried to guess if the items would sink or float. We had great fun!

It was Thursday and hip, hip, hooray, Mrs Houten was back with us in Nursery. We were so pleased to see her and told her all our news. We then got messy, painting our hands ready for our El Nombre lesson. It was number 10 today. We listened to El Nombre and learnt to write a number 10 on the smart board. We then used our painted hand prints to count to 10 using one to one correspondence and then some of us wrote the numbers for each finger.

We had great fun in ChIL exploring the outside environment and also played a game sinking and floating different items in the water tray.

On Friday in our Welly Walk we found some clues for a story. We found ropes, a car on the field, some musical instruments, some animal masks, some numbers and some written clues. After some careful thought we realised that the story was ‘Captain Duck’ and we were to act it out in our school boat. We had such fun being the characters and adding a narrative.

Next week our topic is ‘Rockets and Spaceships’. Enjoy your weekends.


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