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Nursery Weekly news 18th January 2021

22nd January 21

We began our morning with an industrious ‘Busy Fingers’ making train tracks, completing bus puzzles and making transport pictures with tap-a-shape.

Before our adult-led activity Bethany told us all about her outing to the train station at the weekend and we looked at her lovely photos on Tapestry. Bethany saw trains coming into the station, saw numbers on the platforms and saw signs with letters on. Bethany drew an amazing train picture and wrote ‘Thameslink’. Thanks Bethany, we really enjoyed you taking to us about your adventure.

We then played a game giving our teachers bus tickets with numbers on. We had to count out counters with the right amount to match the number on the ticket. Then we  got on the bus and drove around. It was great fun and we were amazing at our Maths.

We also had another Music lesson with Mrs Lipman via Zoom. We sang a song all about animals and added percussion to some other songs. We had great fun!

Today we had great fun in ‘Busy Fingers’ drawing train tracks, cutting, sticking and ordering engines by size, playing the game ‘Colour Match Express, and using our fine motor skills and pencil control to follow train lines on a journey. Great work Nursery!

We heard another tale of Lucy’s trip to the train station and looked at her photos on the smart board. We hope to see more information about these trips from more of our friends. Thank you Lucy.

In Phonics we recapped all the previously taught sounds and then learnt ‘c’ and ‘k’. After our smart board session we split into two groups and worked on rhyme with the story ‘Oi frog’ and letter formation on wipe boards. Super work Nursery, you are doing so well with your phonics.

On Wednesday morning we worked with Miss Smith using the Purple Mash platform on the smart board. We are really enjoying using this technology to make pictures of our ‘Transport’ theme.

Today was also French lesson day and Madame Knight had sent us a song and story about animals and colours. We joined in well and learnt lots of new French words. Following this we watch Mr Sayer’s assembly all about pets. It was really funny!

We then spent time working on our phonics and numbers with Mrs Radgman and Miss Smith. They are really pleased with our progress and hard work.

On Wednesday afternoon with Miss Smith we read a great train story. We worked together to make a big train track, adding a station, trees and towns.

We were looking forward to our latest visit to El Nombre today to learn our new number 9. We listened carefully and watched as El Nombre showed us how to form a 9. We all had a go at drawing one on the smart board and then tried our very best to count 1:1 correspondence as we jumped, twirled, hopped, skipped, clapped, tap our heads and much more.

We had a great outside ChIL working on gross motor skills using tennis rackets and bikes. We had a great time playing and learning in the winter sunshine. After snack we had a music session with Mrs Radgman exploring sounds and rhythms singing ‘I am the Music Man’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it.’

Hooray, it’s Friday, Welly Walk day! What a great time we had pretending to be bus drivers driving along a road, going around round-abouts, stopping at bus stops and road works. We sang as we drove and each time we reached a bus stop we threw a dice, counted the number of spots on it and then that number of passengers got on or off the bus. We had great fun and used great physical skills and numeracy skills.

We had a lovely mindfulness session after snack and then had some inside ChIL.

Wishing you all lovely weekends. Next week we are learning about ‘Boats and Planes’.


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