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Nursery News 11th January 2021

15th January 21

Pre-Prep School in Hertfordshire

Today was the start of our first full week back in Nursery and we were continuing with our ‘Cars and Trucks’ topic.

We had a very busy, ‘Busy Fingers’. Some of us enjoyed driving vehicles through sand, noticing the patterns that the wheels made. We also drew roads with markings and then cut them out and stuck them onto the floor to drive vehicles along. With Mrs Houten we made 3D vehicles for our new classroom display.

In our adult-led activity we looked at the photos of cars that some of us had taken using our parent’s mobile phones. We talked about the shapes of the parts of the car and learnt three new shape songs all about their properties. We then talked about the registration number plates and a few of us could recognise the letters and numbers on them. We then drew our cars and wrote registration plates for the new wall display.

We had a really industrious ‘Busy Fingers’ session this morning with lots of ‘Transport’ related activities, including parking numbered cars in matching numbered parking spaces on the wooden garage, completing the same activity on paper matching numbered cars and shape cars in the correct spaces, making more 3D car models. We also used the Purple Mash platform to design cars on the smartboard. It was great fun colouring them in.

On Tuesday morning’s Jolly Phonics lesson we learnt our new sound’ n’. When we made the sound we pretended we were aeroplanes taking off, flying away and then coming into land. We flew right around the outside classroom! Afterwards, we worked in three groups on different activities. One group played Phoneme Pop on the smart board, popping a letter each time the sound was made. It was such fun! Another group tried to write the letter ‘n’ on wipe boards and then used our emerging phonic knowledge to try some sound talk with Inky Mouse, blending some of the sounds that we have learnt so far, ‘s,a,t’ – sat, ‘c,a,t’ – cat. We did really well. Another group worked on the initial sounds and blends of words, trying to match items in a bag to sound tiles. What a fantastic Jolly Phonics lesson we had and our teachers were very proud of us.

We also had time for a Zoom Music lesson with Mrs Lipman, exploring beat and rhythm. We really enjoyed the lesson even though Mrs Lipman couldn’t be with us in person.

Wednesday had arrived already and we enjoyed making salt dough transport shapes in ‘Busy Fingers’ using rollers, cutters and tools, making our fingers strong. We will paint them once they are dry. We also worked on recognising numbers and learning how to form them by driving cars around roads starting at a star. We then used wipe boards and pens to independently write some numbers.

Today our French lesson was with Madame Houten and we learnt the names for lots of different forms of transport. We then played a game counting in French. Well done children and Mrs Houten.

We had a cold and rainy outside ChIL, followed by a snack and a ‘Sticky Kids’ music and movement session. Wow, we have worked hard today.

Gosh, it’s Thursday already and we’re all have great fun in Nursery learning and playing about our ‘Transport’ topic. Today we began by painting the salt dough vehicles that we made yesterday. We also played a great board game called traffic jam. Lots of us have been using our fine motor skills to build different vehicles with different forms of construction. Our teachers can see how much stronger our fingers are getting in preparation for all our future writing.

Today was also El Nombre day which we love! We listened to El Nombre tell us all about number 8 and we traced number 8s on each others backs. Then in ChIL we wrote number 8s on wipe boards, in shaving foam and also added 8 legs to an octopus. We also did lots of physical activity in 8s, 8 star jumps, 8 hops, 8 jumps, 8 spins, etc. We know all about number 8 now!

Hooray, it’s Friday and Welly Walk day! We set off around the school grounds and found lots of clues to a story that we had read earlier in the week, we also found our toy trolley. We decided to put our acting skills to the test and acted out the story ‘Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car’. We all took parts, either as the characters of by adding percussion. It was an amazing production! We also worked on our listening skills playing the Dodgems game where we pretend to be cars and following instructions by listening well to different musical instruments. Our listening skills have improved so much since we started in Nursery.

Next week we are learning about ‘Buses and Trains’ in our transport topic. Have fun weekends and stay safe.

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