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Reception Weekly News 27th November

27th November 20

What a fun start to the week. We celebrated a 5th Birthday in style.

We started the celebrations by playing Digraph Musical Chairs. Well done to everyone for recognising so many tricky digraphs!

The second party game was Reading Pass the Parcel. We took it in turns to open the parcel and read the sentence. If we could read it, we could open the sweet inside.

Snack time was delicious – fresh fruit and sweets!

Our third party game was Noughts and Crosses challenge. The girls played in pairs and the winner played the next person until there was just Lily left. Mrs Bishop and Miss Smith challenged each other, with Mrs Bishop winning and challenging Lily. They result was a draw! Hooray!

The afternoon was very productive, with wrapping beads up with foil and painted dried pasta for our Christmas Sweet Shop. We had lots of fun playing in the Christmas Sweet and Baker’s Shop.

Tuesday was Yoga Day. We loved stretching, relaxing and moving along to Pedro the Penguin at the Funfair with Cosmic Kids.

In Literacy, we enjoyed listening the story of ‘Dear Father Christmas’ where a little girl wrote her Christmas wish list to Father Christmas. We then took time to write our own letters to Father Christmas using our super sound knowledge. We continued our Birthday themed activities, by printing super Birthday balloons and making Birthday cards.

In Mathematics, we quickly recalled numbers from 0-20. We loved playing some number recognition games on the Smart board, including Whack-a-Mole and Post a Letter game. We are becoming more confident at recognising numbers from 10 and beyond. We had a problem to solve afterwards. Mrs Bishop wanted to find out what our favourite flat shape is. We all told her, but with Mrs Bishop’s poor memory she couldn’t recall them. We all drew our favourite shape on a piece of paper and used a simple pictogram to put on the information. Mrs Bishop could then clearly see that hearts were the most popular shape and hexagon and triangles were the least popular. What a clever way to record information!

In the afternoon, we had a busy afternoon making salt dough sweets and biscuits for our Christmas Sweet Shop. We painted dry pasta to make Humbugs and designed a huge Gingerbread Man for our Sweet Shop with Mrs Matthews.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed making collage Birthday cakes, colouring in Birthday cakes and finishing our letters for Father Christmas.

We loved posting our letters around the corner in the post box. We then met the real Postman and told him what he would find in his post-box! We hope they get to Reindeerland very soon!

On Thursday, we started the day with a Busy Fingers session where we made a stable out of lolly sticks, ready for the afternoon session.  We then revised all of the 42 phonic sounds we have learned so far.  We played a fun game where we had to close our eyes and pull out an object from a feely bag.  We then had to use our phonic knowledge to write the words on our mini whiteboards.  Mrs Kendall was very impressed with our beautiful letter formation.

We then played another game where we had to work out if words written on Post-It notes were real words or nonsense words.  We decided with a talk partner and then put the word either in the ‘bin’ or in the sparkly treasure chest!

We enjoyed practising our Christmas songs during Music.

In the afternoon, we carried on making a Christmas scene out of lolly sticks.  We used our busy fingers to wrap wool around lolly sticks to make Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

On Friday in Literacy we talked about our Christmas wishes.  We thought of some lovely wishes to write on a label to add to our Wishing Wall.

In the afternoon we had a fun outdoor ChIL where lots of us enjoyed playing in the Wendy House and in the sand pit.

We ended the week with Circle Time and some mindfulness.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you on Monday.

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