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Nursery Weekly News 23rd November

27th November 20

This week Christmas has arrived in Nursery! The girls and boys enjoyed exploring the classroom, looking at all the sparkly and shiny decorations and at all the Christmas activities available to them.

After Busy Fingers, Mrs Radgman read the Christmas story to the class and then established that we all needed to write a list of presents that we would like for Christmas, otherwise Father Christmas would not know what we would like! Mrs Radgman talked to the children about how to write a polite letter to Father Christmas and that we would be posting our letters in the post box on Wednesday! How exciting!!

On Tuesday morning we made some more Christmas decorations for our classroom!  It is looking really rather splendid in Nursery!!

After Busy Fingers we had our phonics lesson.  This week we looked at ‘i’.  We had a practice at hearing the initial sound, seeing how it is written and and having a go at writing it ourselves! Amazing!  We then played a Christmas themed phonics game of ‘Here we go round the Christmas Tree’!  The girls and boys had to sort the presents in to groups of their initial sounds!  We were so good at this everyone was able to put a marble in the jar!

On Wednesday morning we enjoyed learning about number ‘6’! We called upon El Nombre to help us learn the correct formation and practised writing number ‘6’ on each others’ backs and in the air.

Then something very exciting happened! We took a trip to the post box and posted our letters to Father Christmas!  It was so exciting!

On Thursday morning we were busy once again on Christmas craft activities. You are going to love lots of the special things that we will be bringing home to decorate our houses with!

Today we practised all the songs that we are going to sing to you via Zoom on our final day in Nursery on Thursday 10th December and we also practised all the songs that we hope to sing in church on Friday 11th December. We are doing so well with our songs, you are going to love them!

On Friday morning we made more fantastic Christmas creations! We used our hands to print antlers, we used stampers to make prints for some cards and wrapped presents in the wrapping area! We didn’t have our Welly Walk today as Mrs Lipman had requested an extra singing practise for our Nativity performance.  We will be back to our normal Welly Walk next Friday.

We wish you a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you all again on Monday morning!


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