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Reception Weekly News 20th November

20th November 20

On Monday, we enjoyed a Puzzle Challenge. We all worked on making puzzles together. What an amazing team we are!

In Literacy, we loved finding out why we celebrate Diwali. We enjoyed hearing about Rama, Sita and Lakshman and how Ravana, the Ten-Headed King of all Demons fell in love with Sita and captured her. We acted out the story and were all relieved to hear how Rama, Sita and Lakshman came back together and were guided back to their village by diva lights and candles. Well done everyone on your super acting skills.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed learning about positional language and using words which describe the position of objects. We all joined in putting beanbags in different positions. We worked really hard trying to work out which position the teddy bear was in.

Tuesday was Yoga Day. We loved stretching, bending and relaxing along with Twilight the Magical Unicorn.

In Phonics, we learnt a new digraph ‘oi’. We loved cutting out foil to add to coins, making coin rubbings and posting coins into money boxes.

In Mathematics, we couldn’t wait to sing the Beanbag Positional song again. We then listened really carefully to follow instructions to put objects in different positions around a tree.

In French, we loved learning the colour names in French with Madame Knight.

We enjoyed a fun afternoon of Diwali inspired activities, while listening to beautiful Indian music. We used chalk, pens and coloured rice to make rangoli patterns and used clay to make little diva lamps.

On Wednesday, we learnt another tricky digraph ‘ue’. We enjoyed making barbecues and designing our own statues.

We had a fun PE lesson with Mrs Rushbrook and then enjoyed some indoor and oudoor ChIL.

On Thursday, we learnt the digraph ‘er’.  We loved pretending to be mixers and doing the actions with our arms.  We had fun sorting ‘er’ pictures and sticking them into an ‘er’ grid.  We also made finger puppets of the characters from the Rama and Sita story.  Some of us played digraph bingo on the carpet too.

In the afternoon, we painted our Diva lamps using pretty metallic paints.  We then added a tea light.  They look so beautiful!

On Friday we learnt our final Jolly Phonic sound, ‘ar’. We loved making star decorations and drawing ‘ar’ pictures on them.  We also practised writing CVC words on a large piece of paper on the carpet using lots of pretty coloured pens.  Some of us also used wooden word jigsaws to identify different sounds.

In Maths we were introduced to word problems.  We enjoyed having the word problems read to us and then working out what the sum was, using practical resources.  We also enjoyed using playing cards to help us to form simple addition sentences.

We had a fun outdoor ChIL session after lunch and then had our Special Person Circle Time.  We enjoyed reading about what the other girls had got up to with Mog first though!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, see you on Monday for the start of Christmas fun!

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