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Nursery Weekly News 16th November

20th November 20

We welcomed all the boys and girls back to Nursery on Monday morning and began with a lovely Busy Fingers session.  After this Mrs Radgman introduced the new topic for the week of Hibernation.  We listened to a story about a bear who was hibernating and talked through what hibernation means and what happens to the animals during this time.  Mrs Houten showed us a Powerpoint about hibernating and we found out some really interesting facts.

On Tuesday we had a super long Busy Fingers session.  The girls and boys were practising writing their name on their pictures they had made, they were making their fingers strong screwing bolts and screws together, creating numerous pieces of artwork using various media and using their scissor skills to cut spikes out for hedgehogs!

In Phonics we introduced the new sound for the week ‘t’.  We looked at how the letter was formed and some children could hear initial and final sounds of ‘t’ in words from the Jolly Phonics story.

After this we played a rhyming game called ‘Silly Soup’.  The children picked out an object from the large saucepan and matched it to its rhyming pair.  Brilliant work!

Madame Knight came to teach us some French on Wednesday morning.  We played some listening games and practised our French vocabulary of actions, colours, numbers and introducing ourselves.  We also opened our class advent calendar for our count down to Christmas!

After snack we had our numbers session.  This week we learnt about number 5, how to count accurately to 5 and how to write the numeral.  Number 5 has a hat, a neck and a big tummy!  The girls and boys were fantastic at having a go at writing the numeral and counting accurately!

In ChIL we used the Ipads to practise our letter formation of the letters we have learnt in our Phonics lessons.  We used the Jolly Phonics app being careful to stay inside the outline of the letter and starting at the black dot to get the correct formation.

On Thursday morning after Busy Fingers we had our Music lesson with Mrs Lipman.  We were able to start learning our Christmas songs for the Nativity later on in the term.  We started to learn some actions too to help us with learning the words.

After this we had a soggy outdoor ChIL session and some of the children defied the weather and built a sandcastle!!  Luca and Mrs Houten also enjoyed a dance in the rain!

On Friday morning we made hibernating snakes, practised writing our names to label our pictures we had drawn using templates and played a fishing game to practise our fine motor control and phonic recognition.

Later on in the morning we went on our welly walk.  Today we found that bears and musical instruments had been hidden around the school grounds! We learnt about some new instruments that we hadn’t seen before, what they were called and how to play them.  Once we had found all of the clues we found a ‘cave’ and inside the cave was a bear!! We then realised that all the clues led to the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.  We sat in the cave and listened to and joined in with the story, playing the musical instruments to represent the sounds of the story.

What a fantastically busy and fun week we have had this week in Nursery!  We are very much looking forward to next week when Christmas begins in Nursery!!  Have a super weekend everyone!

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