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Reception Weekly News 13th November

13th November 20

Welcome back everyone. We hope you managed to see some fireworks at the weekend.

On Monday, in Busy Fingers some of us used oil pastels to draw fireworks and wash over using black ink for the dark sky. We also enjoyed cutting and sticking some clothes which we would like to wear in the autumn time. We had fun playing an Incy Wincy board game with Miss Smith.

In Phonics, we learnt a new digraph ‘ch’. We enjoyed using our Teacher’s highlighter pens to highlight ‘ch’ sounds in a simple story, making ‘ch’ words on whiteboards with magnetic letters and best of all, icing cakes using chocolate icing, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chunks. Delicious!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed using cubes which matched our beautiful poppies to play a Grab and Go estimation game. We worked in pairs, grabbed a handful of cubes and tried to work out who had more and less. We then estimated how many we thought each person had. We counted them to see if we were right. We were really clever and worked out how many more we had than the other person. Well done girls for your clever calculating. We then went outside to discover ten babies had been delivered into the Outdoor Classroom. We quickly found them and used them to act out ‘Ten in a Bed.’ We worked out one less than a number each time by using our fingers.

In the afternoon, we learnt a little more about the poppies from ‘Remembrance Day’. We each made our own cardboard poppy, practising our cutting skills.

Tuesday was Yoga Day. We loved joining in with ‘The Dragon of Wonder’ which ended with beautiful fireworks.

In Phonics, we enjoyed learning a new digraph ‘sh’. We loved exploring shells and used information books to find out more about them. We played Shopkeepers with our friends and designed our own shoes as well as working hard in our Jolly Phonics workbooks.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed a new challenge of balancing hibernating hedgehogs in piles within one minute and comparing amounts. We enjoyed playing board games comparing amounts each time and working out how many more we each had.

We enjoyed French with Mrs Halliday, counting, using greetings and singing super songs.

In our Topic Time, we listened carefully to ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’ by Martin Impey. We then watched a lovely animation of poppies growing in Flanders Field –

We had a lovely afternoon full of poppy painting and construction with straws and Tap a Shape. We can’t wait to see our poppy paintings up on the washing line and our handprint poppies turned into a beautiful wreath.

On Wednesday, in Literacy we learnt the digraph ‘th’. We added bubbles to our baths using straws, decorated beautiful moths and wrote thank you cards.

We turned our handprints into a beautiful wreath and took it with us to the Remembrance Day Service on the playground. We stood and listened so well to Mr Sayers and the older girls reading poems. Our teachers were so proud of us.

We enjoyed a fast paced PE session with Mrs Rushbrook.

On Thursday we learned the digraph ‘qu’ and learnt that the Queen always carries her umbrella!  Q and u are best friends!  We enjoyed making some crowns and became beautiful Queens, parading around the classroom!  We also completed a ‘qu’ writing template where we had to identify words that contained ‘qu’ and then attempt to write the word using a writing frame.

In the afternoon, we learnt some more about Remembrance Day and read a lovely story about Captain Tom, who has raised so much money for charity.  We then painted a huge picture of Captain Tom and it was a real team effort as we all joined in with the painting and collage.

On Friday we had a Children in Need Day.  We managed to fit in some Jolly Phonics first, and concentrated on the sound ‘ou’.

We came to school dressed in active wear and anything spotty we could find!    We did lots of Pudsey activities throughout the day, including a Pudsey Yoga session and decorating cupcakes with yellow Pudsey icing and spotty decorations!  We have raised lots of money for this worthwhile charity.


We ended the day with some Mindfulness and our usual Special Person Time.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you on Monday.


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