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Nursery Weekly News 9th November

13th November 20

Welcome back to Nursery on this autumnal Monday morning! Its lovely to hear all of the news from the children on Monday morning! They love telling us what they have been doing and what their favourite part of the weekend was! We had a lovely long Busy Fingers session involving cutting out leaves and cutting real autumn leaves amongst other things.  After this Mrs Radgman read a story to the girls and boys called ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’.  They talked about evergreen trees and the colours that the leaves changed into during Autumn.  Next it was time to learn a new song which involved lots of ‘falling’  leaves, sweeping and collecting!

We had a 4th birthday to celebrate on Monday too! We sang Happy Birthday and handed over a huge present from all of the Nursery boys and girls!  What a lucky birthday girl!

On Tuesday morning Busy Fingers was indeed a busy one! We made some red hand prints for our remembrance poppy  which is displayed in the window by the Nursery door, we made flags for our Pudsey day celebration and used some new toys that have kindly been donated to the school!

Tuesday morning is our phonics morning.  We found out about a new sound ‘a’ today.  The girls and boys listened to the story on the Jolly Phonics app and learnt the song about having ants on your arm! We then split into two groups to try some different ways of writing the letter ‘a’ and also the letter ‘s’ from last week.  We were very impressed with the listening and fine motor skills of all of the girls and boys during the session.

On Wednesday morning we had a very relaxing Busy Fingers session!  The girls and boys were really focussed on their activities and we saw some super fine motor control.

After our French lesson with Madame Halliday where we practised our numbers and greetings in French we had some outdoor ChIL and some snack.  We were using activities outside that will help us to develop our gross motor skills such as skipping, throwing, riding the cars and pushing and pulling the trolley with our friends on!!

Next was our weekly visit to El Nombre to learn how to write the number 4!  We were very, very impressed with everyone being able to write a number 4 on the interactive whiteboard!! How grown up!!  Mrs Houten then showed us a new number correspondence game to play in the role play post office which was great fun!

On Thursday morning we painted some autumn leaves and printed their pattern onto paper.  They look amazing! Some girls and boys had a turn at writing numbers on the whiteboards and others had a turn at making a label for a picture they had made out of the Tap a Shape.  The children are making fantastic progress hearing the initial sounds in words and sometimes some final sounds of words too! Brilliant!

As part of  our Children in Need day which will be happening on Friday this week we joined in with Joe Wicks doing a workout! Joe was attempting to workout for 24 hours!  We didn’t last that long but enjoyed exercising with him for a shorter period of time!  We talked about how our bodies change when we exercise, with our breathing becoming more rapid and our heart rate too!

On Friday morning we embraced the theme of Children in Need!  We exercised along with Joe Wicks again and also with some other children’s dances on the Smart board.  We also decorated some cupcakes with yellow icing and miniature smarties like Pudsey’s scarf!

After registration we embarked upon our weekly welly walk! After changing into our wellies, coats, hats and scarves we set off around the school grounds hunting for Pudsey Bear pictures!  The girls and boys found lots of pictures and thoroughly enjoyed racing around the field and tennis courts collecting the pictures!

Next we began our Act Your Age activities.  The girls and boys played with the parachute and some bears, raced around on scooters and bikes and completed laps of the tennis courts! Phew! What a lot of exercise!

Our last challenge after eating our yummy snack was to complete a stick a nose on Pudsey! The girls and boys were spun around and had to place the nose onto Pudsey’s face as close as they could to the correct place!

We have managed to raise over £100 for Children In Need this morning in the EYFS!! Thank you ever so much for your support!!

What a fabulous week we have had with a wonderfully exciting day at the end of it! We wish you all a super weekend and we are looking forward to another action packed week again next week!



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