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Reception Weekly News 6th November

6th November 20

Welcome back everyone! We hope you enjoyed the break.

In Busy Fingers, we enjoyed using tweezers to pick up creepy ghosts, stars and spiders from beans, lentils and pumpkin seeds. We enjoyed playing Tummy Ache game.

In Literacy, we loved telling our friends what we had been doing over the fortnight. We then used our sound charts and tricky word charts to write a simple sentence. We all tried so hard to write our sentences and can’t wait to see them up with our photographs later in the week. We also used the hole punches to make holes around autumn pictures, played Prickly Pile Up and the Hedgehog game.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed meeting the 3D fat shapes. We learnt the names of cylinders, cubes, cuboids, spheres, cones and pyramids. We looked at the shape of their faces. We played a game on the carpet where we pulled shapes out of the bag and tried to remember their names, before going on a real life 3D shape hunt.

We found all of the shapes outside and then came back into the classroom to make models using the shapes we have been learning.

We had some fun ChiL with our friends, dressing up and pretending to trick or treat.

Tuesday started with a really fun Ruby Broom Yoga.

In Literacy, we revised a new sound ‘v’. We are trying so hard to listen to all of the sounds in simple words including digraphs. We enjoyed making vases of flowers and using tweezers to pick out ‘v’s’ for our ice-cream van as well as using our Jolly Phonics work books.


In Mathematics, we were so clever and managed to recall some of the 3D shape names. Some of us went on to make cylinder firework rockets, while others made super models using 3D shapes and went on our 3D shape hunt around the classroom.

On Wednesday we started the day with Music with Mrs Lipman, followed by phonics where we learnt the diagraph ‘oo.’ We made owls and used the magnetic letters to make words such as food, moon and book.

We enjoyed Computing with Miss Smith where we made some beautiful firework pictures.

In the afternoon we had PE with Mrs Rushbrook. Some of us got a little muddy when we fell over during Cross Country!

On Thursday, we came into the class to a wonderful firework display on the Smart Board, for it was Bonfire Night!  We loved watching the fireworks above London and made all the appropriate noises while watching, ‘ooooh, aaaaaah!’  We then had a y y yummy phonics lesson!  We learnt the sound ‘y’ and enjoyed eating yogurts to help us remember the action that goes with the sound.  We also cut out and pieced together a yak, used our colouring skills to design yo yos (the instruction was no scribbling, which resulted in some very careful colouring!)  We also worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books.

In the afternoon we used forks and poster paints to create beautiful coloured fireworks, ready to cut out and stick onto our backgrounds we made earlier in the week.

On Friday we learnt the sound ‘x’.  We made paper plate foxes and used watercolours to paint over sellotape x’s, so that the painting resisted the shiny tape and only coloured the paper.  We discovered that there aren’t many words beginning with the sound ‘x’!  We were all very good at forming the letter in our Jolly Phonics books.

In Maths we consolidated our work on 3d shape, by singing 3d shape songs and discussing 3d shapes that we come across every day at home.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some outdoor ChIL, a French lesson and some Circle Time.  We ended the day with some peaceful mindfulness.  Enjoy your weekend everyone, see you on Monday.

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