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Nursery Weekly News 2nd November

6th November 20

What a fantastic start to the new half term we have had! It was so lovely to see the boys and girls back in the classroom and to hear about all of their holiday news.  We heard about Halloween adventures and some holiday adventures and also about some birthday news!

We also began to create our new display in the classroom.  We heard a story about Firework Night called ‘Bing, Bang, Boom’.  We enjoyed shouting the repeated refrains in the story, pretending we were noisy fireworks!  We made a huge firework painting and some smaller firework pictures to decorate the wall by flicking and throwing paint and by using our fingers in the paint and pressing the picture onto paper!  We think our new display looks amazing!

Tuesday morning was our first phonics session using the Jolly Phonics story and song.  The girls and boys were absolutely brilliant learning the sound ‘s’.  We then played a sound game and the children were able to identify the objects and whether they started with the sound ‘s’ or not! Amazing!

During snack time we were practising our pouring skills using jugs to pour our own drinks.  There was some very careful pouring and great motor skills and coordination involved.

We also spent a little while looking at some of the holiday photos that you have kindly emailed in.  The girls and boys did a great job of talking about what was happening in the photos, where they were and who they were with!

On Wednesday we had our weekly visit from Madame Knight after our Busy fingers session.  We were also lucky enough to welcome a new friend to the Nursery.  It was Lauren’s first day at Nursery and also her birthday!  What a special day for Lauren!

With Madame Knight we learnt how to say three colours in French, rouge, bleu and jaune as well as practising counting again to 3 in French! We were amazing!

After snack time we had our first Numbers lesson.  We learnt how to recognise, count and write numbers 1, 2 and 3.  We watched a new series of programmes called El Nombre who showed us how to form the numbers! Then we had a go ourselves writing the numbers in the air and then on the interactive whiteboard!! So grown up!!

On Thursday morning after a fantastic Busy Fingers session where the girls and boys used tubes and paint to make their own firework display, we ventured off for our first Music lesson of the week with Mrs Lipman.  We listened to some music which had the sound of a cuckoo in it and tried to sing ‘cuckoo’ whenever the sound of the cuckoo was heard.  Then we played a listening game using the sound of the cuckoo! Lots of cuckooing!!

On Friday morning we went for our Welly Walk! After we had changed into our wellies and wrapped up warm we went off in search of pictures of rockets that had been hidden around the school! We found 10 rockets hidden in various places and then we learnt a song about whizzing rockets and this helped us to count backwards and to use the language of ‘one less’.  There is a video of the rocket song on Tapestry for you to see!

What a fantastic week we have had learning about Fireworks!  We wish you all a happy weekend and look forward to seeing you all again on Monday morning!!

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