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Autumn Holiday Club – Week 1

24th October 20

We have been having a great time in our Week 1 Holiday Club bubble. Our theme of the day has ranged from owls, scarecrows and hedgehogs then onto bats and spiders (can you guess what next weeks spooky theme might be?).

We have enjoyed a Lego challenge of the day where Mrs Matthews challenged us to make a Lego representation of the theme of the day – it got really tricky with bats and spiders!

We have made birdseed cakes (sticky in a not so good way!), pinwheel biscuits (yummy!), hedgehog rolls (we even had a Sonic the Hedgehog!), decorated cupcakes with bats and pumpkins (sticky in a good way!) and spider web biscuits (we weren’t sure about eating these!!!)


Art has been flowing all week!

On Monday, we had a great time making colourful owls on pages of a very old book from the school library. We created a few extras as Mrs Balcombe has asked to display some in the Library because they were so lovely – keep an eye out in the coming weeks for them. We also had fun making moving owls and owls made of cupcake cases.

Tuesday saw us making scarecrows – lollipop stick scarecrows which we kept at the club for an unknown reason that was to be revealed the following day…. We also made scarecrows using fabric that Mrs Rigby very kindly said we could use up from the art room.

We also made spiky hedgehogs. Mrs Matthews was very impressed that the girls suggested an improvement to her original thought of using strips of paper to make the spikes. This was not thought to be spikey enough and the girls suggested using an owl beak that was unused from Monday’s crafts. This was a great improvement to the design.

We finished our Autumn theme on Wednesday. We made hedgehog planters using plastic bottles that Mrs Matthews has had the pleasure of collecting just for this craft project! We chose various herbs to go in the planters and will be keen to watch the plants grow as the hedgehog spikes on our kitchen windowsills. We also discovered why we had left our lollipop scarecrows at school. We have planted them in our hedgehog planters to scare away all the birds in our kitchens that might eat our seeds!

We also borrowed Mrs Kendall’s idea of Autumn trees using cotton buds dipped in paint for the leaves that are changing colours so much at the moment.

Wednesday was relentlessly wet so we were very grateful that Mrs Rushbrook had kindly offered the use of the ping pong tables in the hall for our daily playtime and what exercise it was! Ping pong balls were flying everywhere! Great fun and giggles were had by all, including Mrs Matthews!


Thursday saw us starting our Halloween celebrations! The theme today was bats galore! We made an accordion fold bat (little bat), a bat hanger (big bat) and a chalk relief bat (messy bat!) against a moon.


We were all a bit tired by Friday but ploughed on through the art task of the day! 2 separate tasks that created a fun spider hanging from his or her web. We had some very individual spiders and Mrs Matthews was tested on the specific anatomy of a black widow spider! Every day is a learning day!

Each day we finished the day with Bingo. We were a bit unsure on Monday if we would like Bingo but by Tuesday we just couldn’t wait and our day was not complete without it!

We have had a fabulous week. Thank you to all the girls for being so much fun! Mrs Matthews, (big) Stella and Sharon have been so impressed with everyone’s ‘have a go’ attitude and kindness to each other all week. We will see some of you next week for some more Holiday Club fun but for those doing other things next week, have a fantastic time and we will see you when school returns.

The school has been deep cleaned and is waiting for more fun with our Week 2 Holiday Club bubble for the last week of Holiday Club.



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