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Reception Weekly News 16th Nov

16th October 20

We hope you all managed to get out and about in the Autumn sunshine at the weekend.

We started the week off with a cutting Busy Fingers activity. We all designed our own Autumn tree, cutting out conkers, acorns, leaves and animals using our improved cutting skills. Try to practise cutting at home over the half term holiday.

In Literacy, we learnt the digraph ‘ee’. We then designed our own bees, traced bees and matched different words with digraphs to their pictures, for example ‘ai’ to ‘rain’, ‘oa’ to ‘oak’.

In Mathematics, we reminded ourselves how to form numbers correctly using the Smart Board rhyme on We then had another go at writing numbers 0-10 and impressed our teachers with how much we have already improved. We played two games of ‘Ladybirds’ and ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ and wrote our scores down every time we took a go. We then added up our totals at the end to see who had the most and the least. Well done girls.

We enjoyed some outdoor ChIL, aiming spiders onto a sticky web in Active Arms and playing Toy Shopkeepers.

Tuesday was Yoga Day. We loved learning the Handwashing song and dance. Can you remember it at home?

In Phonics, we learnt the new digraph ‘or’, used forks to make horses, cut out ‘or’ words to stick on the fairy door and worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed playing more games, counting on, working out totals and practising our number formation. We loved celebrating who comes first, second, third etc, but we are not so keen on coming last!

French with Madame Knight was so much fun. We love playing all of her games and we are all becoming much more confident in speaking French aloud.

We learnt about our five senses in the afternoon; sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. We made feely collages, talking about different textures of materials, for example hard, soft, silky, fluffy, spikey etc. We think younger children would really enjoy touching them.

On Wednesday in Phonics, we revised the sound ‘z’. We painted zebras and matched z to pictures of including a zip, zoo, zebra and zigzags.

In Computing, we explored the farm on Purple Mash in the iPads with Miss Smith.

In PE, we loved playing the Traffic Light game with Mrs Rushbrook.

We enjoyed some soggy ChiL in the Outdoor Classroom, using funnels to help us fill up bottles and helping our friends to dry bikes which were drenched from the downpour!

On Thursday we learned the sound ‘w’.  We enjoyed winding wool around lolly sticks to make stripey worms and had fun tracing around spider webs.  We worked really hard in our Jolly Phonics workbooks too.

In the afternoon, we learned about our sense of smell and conducted a smell experiment.  We sniffed 5 little bottles and had to try and tell what was inside the bottles.  We loved some of the smells (chocolate!), but the vinegar was rather unpleasant!

On Friday we had a special Head’s Commendation assembly and then we did our Sponsored Walk in aid of GOSH.  We were so good at walking laps of the field, to raise money for the hospital.

In phonics we learned the digraph ‘ng’ and enjoyed making sparkly rings out of tin foil.  Some of us also made wings for beautiful birds.

In the afternoon, we had a treat as it was the last day of half term and relaxed with a hot chocolate and a short dvd.  We then had some ChIL and Circle Time where we chatted about the half term holiday and had our Special Person Time.

We have had such a fun, busy half term in Reception and we are all looking forward to a lovely rest over half term.  See you on Monday 2nd November!

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