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Nursery Weekly News 12th October

16th October 20

How wonderful to see everyone on Monday morning again!  The children attacked Busy Fingers with relish and practised writing their names, used tweezers to move marbles, made flowers and cars with various construction toys and created paintings using welly boots and shoes!!!

During our adult-led activity Mrs Radgman read the story ‘Dogger’.  The children showed they were able to listen carefully to the details of the story and identified key parts.  They counted out coins and paid for the toy they had chosen from the shop and some children were able to add together the cost of two toys by counting out the two amounts of coins and finding the total.

Some of the girls and boys then continued with this activity independently outside during ChIL.  We also made some food for the birds today by mixing water and porridge, pouring and stirring and then brushing the mixture onto the trees.

On Tuesday we had our Phonics and Listening lesson.  The girls and boys split into three groups and took part in listening games in each group.  Having the ability to listen carefully is such an important skill for the girl’s and boy’s development so we will be playing these games on a regular basis.

In the afternoon Mrs Radgman read the story Alfie’s feet and then painted the children’s feet and they made footprints all over the paper on the floor!!  The paintbrush was very tickly!!

On Wednesday morning Madame Knight arrived for our French lesson.  We played a hiding game with Leo le chat.  He was hidden and we had to try to find him by saying ‘oui’ and ‘non’ in order to find him! We also played a counting game, practising our counting in French to three! Amazing!

On Thursday morning we had a lovely Music lesson with Mrs Lipman.  She played some listening games with us and introduced us to a new instrument – the Floor Drum.  We took it in turns to play the drum either quietly or loudly depending on the music Mrs Lipman was playing on the piano.  We showed some fantastic listening skills and really enjoyed playing the drum with the beaters.

After our Music lesson we started our Marble Jar Treat day! How exciting! The girls and boys have worked so hard this half term and thoroughly deserved their special day.  All the girls and boys looked wonderful in their party clothes and we had great fun playing party games and eating the party snack!

On Friday we went on our Welly Walk with a difference! We joined in with the older girls in the school with our sponsored walk.  We changed into our wellies and started our laps of the school field!  We were really pleased to find that the Form 6 girls were there to support us from a distance.  They cheered us on and helped us to carry on!! All of the children were absolutely incredible and completed lots of laps some of them running and some walking!!

We wish you all a wonderfully restful half term and we look forward to hearing about your home adventures when we return in two weeks.

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