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Form I news from our first half term

16th October 20

School Classroom

We have reached the end of our very first half term in Form I. We have washed our hands forever and used gallons of hand gel which has helped us to keep safe and well throughout the term.

We have experienced so many new lessons and learning opportunities since arriving in Form I. We have lots of exercise books to do our work in that we haven’t had before. The first few weeks were very exciting as we got a new book nearly every day! As well as the usual Maths and English lessons we now read to our teachers every day, have a weekly spelling test and we do Art, Science, Geography, History, Drama, French, PE, Music, Computing and we also find time to play! So, as you can imagine we have all been kept very busy. We always say in Form I that we work hard but we also play hard.

In English we have been recapping on our sounds and learning to apply them correctly in our writing but are also adding to these with lots of new alternative sounds. Mrs J says that there are lots more for us still to learn but that we are doing very well so far. We have been focussing on always using correct letter formation, holding our pencils correctly, using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. The hardest part is to try to remember to do it all every time! We have begun to learn how to be a real author and have been writing our own stories. Did you know that the beginning of a story sets the scene and introduces the characters, the middle section is exciting and often ends on a cliff-hanger (da da daaaaaa!) and the end offers a resolution which hopefully lets us say phew? We have all worked extremely hard producing our own stories and we are very proud of them.


In Maths we have been investigating numbers in many different ways. We are learning to understand how to make numbers rather than just recognise them. We have been using and making number bonds to 10. A number bond to 10 is two numbers that go together to make 10. Our favourite number bond game to play is called Number Bond Bonanza! We have a song to help us remember them:

9 and 1 are number bonds

8 and 2 are friends

7 and 3

6 and 4

5 and 5 are twins

We have also been looking at place value, money and measuring so have been very busy!

During Science and Humanities we have been investigating Toys both old and new. We have discovered that toys can be made from many different types of material but old toys were not made from plastic as plastic hadn’t been invented. The oldest Toy that we have is an old doll called Elizabeth who is 113 years old. She belonged to Mrs J’s Granny! We have also been investigating how toys move and have found that they all need a force to make them move, either a twist, a pull or a push.

Last week we were trying to work out how to make something to keep Elizabeth dry in the wet weather. We decided that a raincoat would be too tricky to make but that an umbrella could be good. This led to a long discussion about what materials we should use to make it from. We decided that it needed to be a waterproof material. We looked at Mrs J’s coat and wondered whether it was waterproof. The only way to find out was to test it so we asked Mrs J to put on her coat and put her hood up. We then ALL took it turns to pour a cup of water over her head! Mrs J was rather scared and squealed quite a lot but luckily her coat was waterproof so she kept dry….PHEW!

Mrs J isn’t daft though as this week she got her own back. We split into groups and chose a material to make an umbrella out of. There was a paper one, a plastic one, a foil one and a cotton one. It wasn’t Mrs J underneath them when we tested them!


We are now all looking forward to a restful half term holiday. See you all in November!

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