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Reception Weekly News 9th Oct

9th October 20

Welcome back after a very wet weekend!

We enjoyed a very busy Busy Fingers of practising tracing our name with Miss Smith, playing Teddy Bear’s picnic with Mrs Bishop and building Lego models with our friends.

In Phonics, we revised the sound ‘j’, added jewels to ‘j’s’ with tweezers, collaged jars of jam and coloured in jeeps with camouflaged ‘j’s’.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed playing Fast Fingers, where we had to put the correct amount of fingers up each time a number was called out. We sang lots of fun number rhymes before going on a number hunt. When we found the numbers, we had to carry out that many instructions, for example 10 star jumps. We were exhausted by the end! We then used these numbers and practised forming them correctly.

Just before lunch we decided to make jelly for Lottie’s Birthday. We cut up the jelly into cubes and added warm water to them. The cubes dissolved into the water and we put the jelly into the fridge to set. We can’t wait to share it on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we loved stretching along with Betsy the Banana to prepare our minds and bodies for another busy day!

We learnt the digraph ‘oa’, traced boats and made beautiful oak wreaths.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed listening and chanting along to a number formation clip on the smartboard. We will send the link home so you can watch it at home as well! We then practised forming the numerals correctly in lots of different ways, including threading numbers, drawing numbers in sand and writing over white board numbers. We also started some simple addition, adding up two Numicons and having a go at writing the numbers on paper.

Wednesday was such an exciting day; Lottie’s 5th Birthday! We loved greeting her and giving her our cards. We then played some fun party games, including Number Musical Chairs, Phonics Musical Bumps and Shape Corner Game outside! We sang Happy Birthday to Lottie and she blew out her Birthday candle.

In Computing, we designed Birthday cakes for Lottie! We enjoyed a delicious snack of popcorn and jelly together! What a fun day. Happy Birthday Lottie.

On Thursday we learnt the digraph ‘ie’.  We all saluted each other while saying ‘ie, ie’ which we found most amusing!  We enjoyed designing ties with felt tips and tissue paper.  Some of us are clearly budding fashion designers!  We also had a try and independently filling in the missing ‘ie’ sound from a writing frame, including ‘cried’ and ‘fried’.  On the carpet, some of us enjoyed playing initial sound bingo.

After playtime we practised our Harvest songs.  We were in very fine voice and all ready for the Harvest Festival!

In the afternoon, we learned all about how to keep our teeth healthy.  We discussed different foods that were good for our teeth and those foods that we should only enjoy as occasional sweets.  We then made our own cardboard mouths and stuck mini white marshmallows in, to be the teeth!  We learned that children have 20 teeth once all of the milk teeth have come through, so we practised counting to 20 while making our mouths.

On Friday we had Harvest Festival on the tennis courts.  We sang our hearts out and enjoyed every minute!  We were sat in a beautiful sunny spot!

After Harvest we learned all about the farmers harvesting their crops and which foods we get from which crops.

In the afternoon we had our usual Special Person Circle Time and enjoyed some indoor and outdoor ChIL before ending the week with a calming mindfulness session.  Enjoy the weekend everyone and see you on Monday for our last week of school before half term.

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