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Nursery Weekly News 5th October

9th October 20

We had a junk modelling and puzzle fest on Monday morning to start our week in Nursery!  Some girls and boys enjoyed completing a puzzle challenge with Mrs Weir, working as a team, finishing five puzzles during Busy Fingers! Fantastic for our spatial awareness and fine motor skills! Mrs Houten helped lots of boys and girls make some amazing junk modelling creations.  We used scissors to snip pieces to decorate our creations, stuck on bows and used crayons to decorate. We also had some squeal inducing fun in the water tray! The girls found phonics crabs in the water and had fun guessing the phonic sounds on the crabs!

On Tuesday morning we had great fun picking tiny seeds up with tweezers, learning to write letters and numbers in shaving foam and rolling playdough to make the shape of the first letter of our names! We then popped along to have our photos taken by the school photographer!

Later on in the morning during our adult-led activity we all pretended to drive some cars whilst playing a listening game.  Mrs Weir either held up a traffic light colour or played an instrument to indicate whether we should stop, get ready or go.  After a few practises we showed that we were using our listening ears very well!

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we made salt dough food, inspired by the trip to the café in ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. We measured, mixed, flattened, banged and shaped dough. Next week we will paint all our food for use in the Nursery café.

On Wednesday morning after Busy Fingers we met once again with Madame Knight.  She brought some furry friends to help us learn some new French vocabulary.  We met a tiger, a rabbit, a teddy bear and and old Sweep dog toy!  Madame Knight taught us the French words for these animals and then we learnt to count in French up to three!!

We stayed outside for both of our ChIL sessions today as the weather was so lovely.  We were very excited to find that there was an additional area to play in with a lovely hut, a shop, a water area and a whole sand pit that we could get in! It was like being at the beach!

On Thursday morning Mrs Radgman had made some multicoloured spaghetti for us to explore! Underneath the spaghetti in the trays we found numbers which we were really good at recognising!  Mrs Houten played an fantastic board game with some of us, counting up to 20 at times!! The girls and boys also made monsters and Popoid creations, helping their fingers and hands to become stronger and stronger.

In our Music lesson with Mrs Lipman we were able to impress her with how fantastic we are at singing one of our Harvest Assembly songs ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’.  The boys and girls have worked so hard this week learning the words and actions for the songs and we are very proud of them!  We then presented our Star of the Day certificate to Claudia for being very helpful to her friends and for fantastic singing!

On Friday morning we felt very grown up as we were able to join all of the other children and adults in the school on the tennis courts for the Harvest Assembly.  We sat and listened very well and sang all of the songs we had learnt brilliantly! Our teachers were very proud! Here are some photos from the assembly and a video of one of the songs we sang so fantastically!


We also continued with some role play from Thursday afternoon related to the story of ‘Mog and the Vee Ee Tee’.  The children enjoyed helping the animals with their ailments and then moved the role play on themselves by taking the animals on a trip to Africa in a van!

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again next week!

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