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Reception Weekly News 2nd Oct

2nd October 20

On Monday, in Busy Fingers we loved drawing ourselves, cutting them out and sticking them onto the rainbow background. We thought they look amazing hanging up on the washing line in the classroom.

In Phonics, we revised the sound ‘u’, painting our own umbrellas and writing u all over balloons. We then took them outside and tried to keep them ‘up’ while shouting ‘u’ as loudly as we could! Great fun!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed the playing the ‘Feather Challenge’. We worked in pairs to see how many feathers we could put in a log. We then counted them and worked out who had more or less each time.

On Tuesday, we loved stretching and relaxing in our Yoga session.

In Phonics, we revised the sound ‘l’. We made handprint lions, practised writing l on the smart board, cutting lion’s manes and designing our own lollipops.

In French, we practised our counting with Madame Knight.

In our Topic Time, we enjoyed drawing around one of our friends and naming all of our body parts.

We enjoyed working in the Outdoor Classroom in the afternoon. Some of us even made moving legs using construction! We also made a Birthday cake, which was enormous! Countdown is on for Lottie’s Birthday next week!

On Wednesday, we revised the sound ‘f’, made frogs on logs, matched rhyming sentences and enjoyed listening to ‘Oi, Frog!’ Some of us are starting to write simple words using our growing phonic knowledge.

We loved using Purple Mash, visiting the park with Miss Smith in Computing.

On Thursday we revised the sound ‘b’.  We used bubble wrap to do some blue paint printing, cut out lots of ‘b’ and ‘d’ labels and sorted them into groups and used different shades of blue to colour in ‘b’ outlines.

In Maths we worked on making sensible estimates, or guesses.  We used counting bears in piles, and guessed how many were in the pile.  We now know what a sensible estimate is (not 1000!)

In the afternoon, we had great fun making some autumn ‘snow’ globes.  We collected bare twigs, stuck them to the lid of a jam jar and then filled the jar with water and leaf confetti.  We added a few drops of glycerin to make the leaves float down slowly. They are so pretty!

On Friday we learned our fist digraph, ‘ai’.  We cut out snails and decorated the spirals using collage materials, had fun playing with the train track and also made cotton wool clouds with rain pouring from them.  We did so well with the Jolly Phonics work book!


In the afternoon we had Circle Time and a calm mindfulness session.  Enjoy the weekend everyone, see you on Monday.



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