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Nursery Weekly News 28th September

2nd October 20

On Monday morning some of the boys and girls played a board game called Crazy Chefs with Mrs Holdstock.  They enjoyed it so much they asked to play it again on Friday with Mrs Holdstock!  After Busy Fingers, Mrs Radgman introduced our new author of the week – Jez Alborough.  We listened to the story ‘Some Dogs Do’ and in our adult-led activity afterwards the girls and boys were able to recall the story, order it and stick some pictures of the story onto a dog picture. Lots of us even wrote our names – how grown up!

On Tuesday morning in Busy Fingers we became Arctic explorers!! We used all sorts of tools to break apart the ice in the tray, we spooned ice into jugs and listened to the sound it made when we shook the jug,  we described how it felt and looked and talked about how we make ice and what happens to ice once it gets warmer.  Then the girls and boys used the small world characters to act out scenes from the Arctic.  Some girls and boys also learnt to play Snakes and Ladders with Mrs Halliday!  What a busy Busy Fingers session!

On Wednesday morning in Busy Fingers we were making our hands stronger by squeezing pegs to match the colours, painting using stampers, building using wooden blocks and using the hammer to bang in plastic nails!!

After this we had our French lesson with Madame Knight.  We learnt how to say ‘bonjour’ to our friends and to Leo le chat and also ‘au revoir’! We were very impressive!!

In Outdoor ChIL we had great fun learning to play games with our friends.  We used the train track to practise our negotiation skills, going through tunnels and zooming around the track without crashing, we created a mud landslide using water and soil from the planters!  We were also practising our climbing, balancing and gross motor skills on the outdoor equipment.

Thursday morning brought us an exciting morning of Busy Fingers.  We used lots of electronic toys and wind-up toys!  The children worked hard to wind the handles of the toys to make them move and investigated which buttons to press to make the electronic toys make a noise and move.

After registration we had a Harvest assembly practise.  We sang three harvest songs and our teachers were very impressed with how much we had remembered from earlier in the week!

On Friday we loved our wet Welly Walk after Busy Fingers!  We realised that our truck had disappeared and went off on an adventure to find it!!  Once we had found the truck, after searching all over the school grounds,  we acted out the story using some hats and musical instruments to help us!.

We wish you all a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing you all again on Monday morning!!

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