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Reception Weekly News 25th September

25th September 20

On Monday, in Busy Fingers, we enjoyed cutting out strips of coloured paper to make a rainbow background for later on in the week.

In Phonics, we revised the sound ‘r’ and made a rhyming mat for a rat, cat and hat as well as printing a beautiful rainbow fish using celery.

In Mathematics, we met lots of 2D flat shapes. We named them and looked at their properties.

We then made our family using shapes, used Tap a Shape and magnetic shapes to make pictures.

We enjoyed some ChIL in the Outdoor Classroom, using our strong arms to sweep into a target area! A great skill to have for the future!

On Tuesday, we started the day off with a relaxing Yoga session.

In Phonics, we revisited the sound ‘m’, made funny masks and make treasure maps.

In Mathematics, we looked at the 2D flat shapes, talking about their properties including sides and corners. We then used the shapes to make shape patterned hats.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed Music with Mrs Lipman. We revised the sound ‘d’, making dog puppets using the Sellotape machine.

We enjoyed using Purple Mash on the iPads to visit The Garden Centre with Miss Smith.

We loved cross country running with Mrs Rushbrook in PE.

On Thursday we learned the sound ‘g’.  We enjoyed sorting items into groups on the carpet and then we printed with grapes onto outlines of ‘g’.  Some of us also had fun designing our own pair of gloves and painted with water over chalk ‘g’s on the Tuff Spot.

In the afternoon, we made lions with crispy brown and orange manes, made from lovely autumn leaves we found outside.  We also had some outdoor ChIL and loved playing in the Wendy House and digging for treasure in the sand.

On Friday we learned the sound ‘o’ and had great fun writing ‘o, o, o’ on oranges!  We then made paper plate octopuses using tissue paper tentacles and colouring ostriches.

In Maths we made giant jam sandwiches out of cardboard!  We then cut them into different shapes and described their properties.

We finished the week by having some Mindfulness and Special Person circle time.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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