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Nursery weekly news 21st September

25th September 20

We started our week with a lovely action packed Busy Fingers session exploring a cornflour and water mixture! We stuck our fingers in it, found out that it can be very hard, but also we could drip it from a spoon!! How strange!  We also practised our cutting skills pruning some branches! There were some lovely strong hands cutting and snipping at the leaves and twigs.  We also used our hands and fingers to feel the insides of the conker shells and learnt some new vocabulary to describe how the natural objects felt and smelled!

During our adult-led activity we drew our own monsters inspired by the monster in the story ‘Not Now Bernard’.  We had a vast array of monsters created including scary ones, happy ones, hairy ones and teeny tiny ones!

We were also making use of our Active Arms activity this morning, using long handled brooms to sweep some pasta and cereal that we found spilt in the playground!

We kicked Tuesday morning off with a musical extravaganza!  The girls and boys treated us to their rendition of our Nursery Band song using the instruments.  It was wonderful (and quite loud!!)!

After Busy Fingers, we played a listening game using our friends Peter Rabbit and Listening Lily.  The girls and boys had to listen to the way the claves were being played to inform them of whether they were close to finding Lily or Peter or far away from them.  They were very good at listening and they found the rabbits every time!

On Wednesday morning we had our first French lesson of the year!  Madame Knight managed to remember all of our names and taught us how to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in French! We really enjoyed our lesson and everyone was very brave having a try at speaking French in front of the class.

In Busy Fingers this morning there were a lovely lot of creations made using the K’nex construction.  There were monsters, flowers, bunny ears and swords!  The girls and boys also made some beautiful necklaces, practising their hand eye coordination and Tommy became the key master, having hooked a huge number of keys onto a loop!

After our yummy snack we had a Sticky Kids session involving all sorts of Physical Development activities.  The girls and boys listened really well to the instructions and followed the actions Mrs Radgman was showing them.  We talked about how we could feel our heart beating after we had been exercising too!

On Thursday we had our Music lesson in the hall with Mrs Lipman.  We learnt some new songs with some actions that made us use our fingers, hands and faces!  We were fantastic at this!

In Busy Fingers and ChIL we became artists, accountants and sculpters! We were practising counting coins into money boxes, creating collages and paintings using various materials and techniques and joining shapes together to make some amazing creations!

On Friday, after a jam packed Busy Fingers session, we had our Welly Walk.  Fortunately the weather cheered up and we enjoyed the blue skies and sunshine whilst finding animals from our story ‘Elmer and Super El’.  We dressed up as super heroes with capes and wellies and practised some super hero moves as we moved past animals that we spotted! We leapt, rolled, hopped, pretended to fly and jumped amongst other things! What fun!

We have had a wonderful week again and we are looking forward to seeing you all again next week for more fun and learning!

Have a super weekend!

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