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Reception Weekly News 18th Sept

18th September 20

On Monday, we skipped into school happily and enjoyed lots of fun Busy Finger activities, including drawing, games, Fairy small world characters and painting.

We revised the sound ‘p’, making our own pandas and printing with peppers, pears and potatoes.

We loved hearing all about Mog’s Adventures with Georgia. She is now going home with Mrs Bishop for a lovely wash before choosing a new special friend on Friday.

In the afternoon, we helped Mrs Bishop to draw her face on the smartboard and then had a go at drawing our own face using pens and coloured pencils.

Tuesday morning started with a fun Yoga session of Stezzy the Parrot. We moved, stretched and laughed along with our teachers.

In Phonics, we revised the sound ‘n’, made nests for Magpies, painted our pretend fingernails and worked hard in our Jolly Phonics booklets. In the middle of Phonics, the Nursery sneaked in as part of their Listening Walk. We made sure we made lots of Jolly Phonics sounds for them to hear!

In Mathematics, we loved listening to Cinderella. We learnt how to measure using cubes, lining them up from edge to edge and not leaving any gaps. We then measured different objects from the story on our own.

We loved playing in the sun during ChIL in the afternoon, working on our balancing skills on the climbing frame.

On Wednesday, we revised the sound ‘c / k’. We carefully coloured in kittens, using our strong fingers and scrunching up tissue paper to make cats.

In Computing, we used Purple Mash to draw our family using the iPads.

On Thursday we learned the sound ‘e’.  We had great fun writing lots of ‘e’s on envelopes and then cutting out pictures of elephants and eggs to pop in the envelopes.  We also created some very colourful collage Elmer the Elephants.  We worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books too, sounding out words and blending.

In the afternoon, we used Duplo bricks to create some beautiful prints of autumnal trees!  Oranges, browns and reds were the colours we spotted on an Autumn walk, so we used these colours to make our trees and used a brown pastel to colour the trunk.

On Friday, we revised the sounds we have learned so far and also learned ‘h’.  We enjoyed collecting crispy brown leaves and sticking them on a hedgehog to make them look really spiky!  We also practised our cutting skills by cutting out various hats and drawing our faces so it looked like we were wearing funny hats!

In Maths, we drew around our hands and shoes and then used counters and cubes to measure them  We then wrote how many cubes and counters long our feet and hands were.

We ended the day with some Mindfulness and Circle Time, when we discussed special qualities we all have.

We have had a super week in Reception, see you on Monday for another fun week.




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