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Nursery Weekly News 14th September 2020

18th September 20

The girls and boys returned to school on Monday morning with smiling faces and quickly got to work with a jam packed Busy Fingers session.  We are really working on making our hands strong using peg boards, hole punches, threading, painting and tweezers!

We then spent time getting to know one another a little bit more by talking about our pets and families.  We talked about what pets the girls and boys have and what we have to do to look after them, whilst all the time practising our speaking and listening skills.

On Tuesday morning we went on our Listening Walk! We heard all sorts of sounds around the school using our listening ears.  We heard a ticking clock, someone typing, chairs scraping, birds singing and children laughing amongst other things.  We were very proud of how sensibly the girls and boys walked around the school.

On Wednesday morning we thoroughly enjoyed looking at some photos of our families, continuing with our ‘All about Me’ topic.  The boys and girls shared their photos and enjoyed telling their friends about their families.  They had a good understanding of who was who in their families!

On Thursday morning we showed how talented we are at singing and listening to instructions in our music lesson.  Mrs Lipman was very impressed, especially with how sensibly we played, performed the actions and matched them to the music.  We also managed to show other people in the school how fantastic we are at lining up and walking sensibly as a class to the hall.  What a brilliant morning!!

We also enjoyed a new activity this morning with Mrs Houten, creating our very own Nursery Rhyme small world playset.  The boys and girls painted the ‘wall’, cut out ‘Humpties’, made lolly stick soldiers and horses and acted out the Nursery Rhyme.

On Friday morning we had such a fabulous Busy Fingers session.  The children were dressing babies in the home corner gaining strength in their fingers and hands, they were practising writing their name and trying to hold their pencil with the correct grip and using the cars and trucks to push around the classroom.

Then it was time for our Welly Walk! How exciting! We got ourselves all ready and swapped our shoes for our wellies and off we went.  We explored the grounds of the school and used our amazing listening ears to hear the sounds around our school.  We heard lorries reversing, cars, birds tweeting, ladies talking, a bike wheel whirring, a gate locking, a lawn mower, some builders drilling and hammering, helicopter flying overhead and a car door slamming!

What a wonderful fun packed week!  We hope you all have a lovely restful weekend! See you all on Monday morning for lots more fun!


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