Reception Weekly News 20th March

20th March 20

We have started our secret mission this week.  On Monday, we used our amazing phonic knowledge and writing skills to write something special. We all tried so hard and really impressed our teachers.

We have been using our cutting skills to make something special for someone special too!

In Mathematics, we were really good at recalling lots of different double number facts. We then painted ladybirds to turn them into double number sentences for us to use in the classroom.

In our topic time, we used some different skills to make a watery, bubbly background to our amazing fish from the Australian Coral Reef. We had our own straw and our own pot of paint, mixed with water and fairy liquid and blew enormous bubbles into the pot. We printed the paper onto the bubbles and made super bubble prints. We think our fish will look beautiful on top of them.

On Tuesday, we decided to make a special collage for someone special!

We enjoyed a relaxing Cosmic Kids Yoga session together, stretching and posting in lots of different yoga positions.

In Literacy, we wrote a little label for our secret mission, which we are going to use later on in the week.

We designed our teacups using our fingerprints. They are going to look so sweet! We also made our own cards for our Mummies using our independent writing skills.

In Mathematics, we continued to work on our double ladybirds, cutting out spots and turning them into double number sentences. We can’t wait to see them creeping around the classroom soon!

In the afternoon, we took time making badges for someone special!

On Wednesday, we used our amazing cutting skills to make a beautiful garden scene as part of our secret mission!

We followed a simple recipe to make something delicious for the weekend. We weighed, cracked, stirred, crumbled and tickled ingredients together.

In Literacy, we used our tripod pen grip to help us design some beautiful flowers on teacups, but we can’t tell you what for yet!

In the afternoon, we cut out cookie shapes with the dough and baked them in the oven. They smelt delicious. We also designed a special folder to take our secret mission home safely!

On Thursday we had a lovely sing song in hymn practice. In Literacy we discussed all things Easter! We then did some handwriting practice and copied out some of the words to the Hot Cross Bun song. Our handwriting is becoming so neat!

For our snack, we were lucky enough to sample some hot cross buns! Delicious!

In Maths, we had a quick mental maths session where we wrote some simple number sentences. Mrs Kendall told us some Easter stories involving numbers and we had to work out the sum from the story and work it out together.

In the afternoon, we put the finishing touches to a special surprise……all will be revealed at the weekend!

On Friday, we had a fun filled Easter themed day. We made some lovely little Easter baskets and were lucky enough to find some little eggs to go in them!

Happy Easter everyone, take care and see you all soon.

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