Nursery News 20th March 2020

20th March 20

Everybody came back into Nursery this morning raring to go, ready for the new week! We started with a super Busy Fingers session where the girls and boys painted, acted out stories using small world toys, played an animal dominoes game and used their fine motor skills to practice their writing and pencil control by making pictures and cards for each other and for our special families (PD, EAD, Maths).

Mrs Radgman then read us a story to introduce the new topic of the week – Frogs!  We shared our knowledge of frogs and frogspawn, how they change over time and we also talked about the environment that frogs live in (UW, CL, Literacy).

On Tuesday we had our weekly phonics lesson.  We learnt the new sound ‘o’.  We had a super time recapping the sounds we had previously learned and impressed our teachers with our amazing knowledge!

We had a wonderful Outdoor ChIL session with some super interactive play and some brilliant tidying too when the bell was rung (EAD, PD, PSE)!

We were very clever today and wrote the inserts for our Mother’s Day cards.  We showed our teachers that we really are very clever hearing some initial, final and some mid-word sounds in the words we wanted to write and we are also really improving our letter formation (CL, Literacy, PD)!

We had a lovely cuddle with our toys up in the library and heard a funny rhyming story read to us by Mrs Houten about an out of control goat (CL, Literacy, PSE)!!

On Wednesday morning in Busy Fingers we had a fantastic time making some split pin frogs! We used our improving cutting skills to cut around the edge of the arms, legs and bodies of the frogs and also learnt how to attach the split pins (PD, CL).   We also continued to write the inserts for our Mother’s Day cards using our name cards and phonic knowledge (Literacy, CL).

After our registration session we ordered the life cycle of a frog and also made our own frogspawn with paints and sponges (UW, EAD, Maths).  In addition to this we saw some real frogspawn!!!  How exciting! We looked closely at the frogspawn and talked about its texture, colour and what happens to it over time (UW).

On Thursday after a lovely Busy Fingers session (PD) involving cutting, sorting using tweezers and fingers, painting and Lego (amongst other things!) we were lucky enough to meet up with our friend Leo le Chat and Mrs Bishop for our weekly French lesson (UW).  We then had a lovely indoor ChIL session and played with puzzles, Lego and Interstar construction and enjoyed displaying our creations on our display area in the classroom (PSE, PD).

We finished off our morning with a super Music lesson with Mrs Price (EAD).  We learnt some new songs and actions and enjoyed moving around the hall in time to the music and in a manner appropriate to the pitch of the music being played (PD, EAD).

On Friday morning we had a huge surprise!  We had a marble jar treat party! What a super surprise! We played some traditional party games of musical statues, musical bumps, musical chairs and had a disco! We had some yummy treats for snack and had a fantastic run around and play in the outdoor classroom!


We look forward to hearing about the exciting home learning and the play based activities you will be doing at home with your child.  We hope you enjoy your time at home with your child and make some happy memories!






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